Implications of Mobile Technology

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Chapter 3
Help you understand how to answer open ended
questions which could be asked of you in the exam in
relation to the implications of mobile technology.
Discuss questions are open ended questions which rely
on your knowledge which you should have acquired by
reading news articles and experiencing technology.
This topic relies on you having good knowledge in the
following areas:
◦ Wireless Networks
◦ Cellular Networks
◦ Satellite Communication Systems.
This type of question is the daddy of all questions
(worth the most amount of marks) and usually appears
once or twice in the exam paper.
It is usually an essay question that should take you
about 20 minutes to write.
You will need to discuss the impact and consequences
of something, with at least one advantage and
disadvantage and include a conclusion.
It is a very open question in which you will be marked
by the quality of your answer. There are loads of ways
this type of question could be answered.
You should avoid
◦ E.g. Discuss the impact that tv has had on people.
◦ An answer that bounces might look something like this:
 People watch tv, get hooked, get fat because they aren’t
exercising, drain the NHS, cause the Government to raise taxes,
people have to pay more in taxes, they can’t afford nice tvs, they
lead a boring life.
In a past paper this question was asked:
◦ Discuss the impact that ICT has had on airline travel.
Good answers chose a topic and looked at the
advantages and disadvantages and concluded their
Bad answers listed out as many things as they could!
To help you answer these questions you could use the
following writing frame:
+ve or –ve
Or a point of view.
This is the effect.
How does it relate to
What happens as a
result of the impact?
Immediate impact.
Long term.
E.g. House is on fire
and burns down – I
have to run out
E.g. I have to find a
new house to live in.
Discuss the impact of ICT on airline travel.
+ve or –ve
Security camera’s
which are able to
xray you safely.
Impossible to hide
any weapons on you
as they clearly show
up on the xray
Invasion of privacy as
a stranger is able to
see you naked in the
Airport security able
to move passengers
through security at a
greater rate
compared to when
they needed to
enforce stop and
search procedures.
Improvement in
airline security but
could cause
problems for some
people, especially in
some religions.
Would it be right to
have two security
systems in place or
should there be only
The way you write your answer would determine how many marks you are likely to receive.
0-3 (Low Band) | 4-7 (Middle Band) | 8-11 (High Band)
Discuss the implications for a child of using a laptop and mobile telephone
while on a school trip.
You could focus on the following things:
◦ Ability to send and receive messages even when abroad.
◦ Can contact parents if needed.
◦ Child can link mobile to laptop.
For each of those points you would need to be able to discuss the
implications of being able to do those things.
◦ For example, a child can take pictures with their mobile phone and then upload
them to their laptop so they can write a field report using their own images instead
of downloading them!
◦ The cost of connecting to the internet using a mobile phone abroad is expensive so
by doing it this way no extra cost is involved.
Discuss the implications for a manager of a large company
being able to communicate with the company while on a
business trip to Japan using mobile technology.
Discuss the implications of a person sailing around the world
being able to communicate using mobile technology with
family, friends and their support team.
Discuss the implications for army troops in the desert being
able to communicate using mobile technology with their
commanding officer based at the barracks.