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Transcript Science Fair Project - Discovery School of Tulsa

Science Fair Project
Type your project title here
Your name
Your teacher’s name
Your school
Statement of the Problem
Type your question here.
(This is the question that your experiment answers.)
Project Overview
Type a brief overview or summary of
your project here.
Summarize your research here in three to five bullet points:
• 1st bullet point
• 2nd bullet point
• 3rd bullet point
• 4th bullet point
• 5th bullet point
Controlled variables: These are the things that are kept the
same throughout your experiments.
Independent variable: The one variable that you purposely
change and test.
Dependent variable: The measure of change observed
because of the independent variable. It is important to
decide how you are going to measure the change.
Based on the research you have done, you will be writing an answer or
solution – your best educated guess – to your question. Make sure you
write down your hypothesis before you begin your experiment.
Type a detailed list of the items you needed to complete your
Be specific about the amounts used.
List all of the steps used in completing your experiment.
Remember to number your steps.
Add photos of your experiments.
It is easier to understand the data if it is put into a table or graph.
Create a graph in Microsoft Excel and import it here.
Make sure all data is clearly labeled.
Type a brief summary here of what you discovered based on the
results of your experiments. You need to indicate whether or not the
data supports the hypothesis and explain why or why not.
Works Cited
Be sure to include print and electronic
sources and put them in alphabetical order.