How Barbaric were the Barbarians?

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Transcript How Barbaric were the Barbarians?

How Barbaric were
the Barbarians?
Who were they?
A small tribe from the grasslands of central Asia
Created one of history’s largest empires
Conquered 4,860,000 square miles in total
Genghis Khan
How barbaric were they?
In total killed around 40 MILLION people throughout Empire’s rule
estimate that they killed a full three-fourths of the Khwarezmid
Empire’s population
Genghis Khan was ruthless and used extreme battle tactics
Document 3 – Carpini on Battle
Used children and women to give enemy the idea that their numbers
were larger
Used captive men as front line
Surrounded fortresses, letting no one enter or leave
Never stopped fighting, divided up forces and took turns fighting, this
would wear their enemies down with sleep deprivation
Burned human fat as Greek fire (Napalm) and catapulted it onto
Document 4
Plundered Persian city
Killed everyone
Placed served heads in piles
Document 5
Along with their barbaric ways, the Mongols were
- very influential in spread culture and interacting with others
-cultured society
-open to religion
-booming international trade, the empire thrived
You be the judge!
How barbaric do you think the Mongolians were?
Write a few sentences..
-summarizing the brutality of the Mongols
-Do you think that for a total empire take over these brutal acts were
Did they do more bad than good?
- What about their cultural influences and tolerance?