She Sails: Inspiring Dana Hall Women

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Transcript She Sails: Inspiring Dana Hall Women

Walk the Walk: Planning and Running
a Leadership Conference and the
Positive Impact on Your School
Dana Hall School - Liza Cohen, Director of Communications and
Corinne Daniels, Director of Alumnae Relations
Chelmsford County High School for Girls - Katharine Adams, Year
Leader Year 11 and Richard Wilkes, Asst. Head of Sixth Form
Marymount High School - Lyndsey DeMuro, Academic Advisor
/Student Activities Coordinator and Sarah Jallo, Director of
Admission/Director of Summer Programs
National Coalition of Girls School Annual Conference 2013
She Sails: Inspiring
Dana Hall Women
Statement of Purpose
She Sails: Inspiring Dana Women
creates connections among all Dana
Hall women and provides a forum to
learn from each other, share our
stories, and encourage one another
to be bold and dream big.
The Basics
O Inaugural event 2012
O 450 attendees in 2012
O Second annual 2013
O 570 attendees in 2013
O Students, alumnae,
parents, faculty and
staff invited
O Full-day, Saturday
event (9 a.m. to 4
p.m.) in late April
O On campus
O Free
O $20k in sponsorships in
O $35k in sponsorships in
Alumnae Engagement
Goals: Bring alumnae back to campus;
connect with alumnae beyond reunion and
annual giving; leverage rich talents of
1. Focus groups
2. Survey
3. Planning
4. Presenters
Alumnae Engagement
O 28 alumnae presenters in
2012; 44 alumnae
presenters in 2013
O Classes of 1957 to 2009
O Varied disciplines and
experience levels
O Varied prior engagement
with the school
Alumnae Engagement
Alumnae Board Involvement
O Sub-committee
O Alumnae hub
O Networking
O Volunteering
O Marketing
Extension of the Dana Brand
O Dana Hall stands for an unwavering
commitment to developing leaderships
qualities in girls
O We back that up with our rigorous
curriculum, our dedicated faculty, our
supportive environment AND:
O Countless leadership opportunities:
Workshops, mentoring, skill-building,
networking, Career Day, Girls Summer
Leadership Program
She Sails: Walking the Walk in
One Full Day
O Keynote speakers as role models
O Model different leadership styles
O Professional mentoring and guidance
O Range of opportunities
O Promote ideals within internal community
(include newly accepted students)
O Generate buzz beyond the Dana campus
Event masterminds devised a theme, and
planned and executed a memorable,
unique day for all attendees.
She Sails 2013
Lessons Learned
O Survey to get volunteer alumnae presenters
O Choose carefully who will work with alumnae
O All things to all people
O Know your school and community, be
Devising and Running a
Student Leadership Conference
in Your School
NCGS Annual Conference
Boston: June 2013
Katharine Adams and Richard Wilkes
Chelmsford County High School for Girls, UK
Chelmsford County High School
for Girls
Selective girls Grammar School
Strong academic standards
Publicly funded
IB World School
Ranked 10th in UK by ‘The Times’
Successful entrants to Oxford and
Cambridge Universities
Our school context
CCHS Past and Present
Miss Vernon Harcourt
Mrs Nicole Chapman
Founded 1907 : 76 students 2013 : 900 students
• AMGS Annual Conference
October 2011
• NCGS Annual Conference
Washington 2012
• WOW Conference 2012
International Influences
Inaugural CCHS Leadership Conference
Friday 26th October 2012
Conference Aims
• Promote and develop Leadership Skills
• Develop the “whole student” beyond academic
• Encourage risk taking
• Promote public speaking
• Promote ‘Learning through Action’
Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow
Conference Outline
• Conference breakfast
• Key note speeches and panel
• Speaker-led workshops
• Conference lunch
• Student-led workshops
• Plenary session
Creating a professional feel to the day
Student Teams
Over 60 girls involved
in teams for
Conference materials
Decisions led by students
Speeches and Panel Session
Mitra Janes
Rachel Elnaugh
Sarah Hendry
Heather Katsonga-Woodward
Speakers from all walks of life
Public Speaking Roles
Conference Chair
Leading workshops
Vote of thanks
A chance to shine
Seize the moment...
Speaker-led Workshops
Intimate interactive sessions
with small groups of
• Manifesting prosperity
• Preparing for the world
of work
• Leading and influencing
• Women and leadership:
Gender differences
Thought-provoking discussion
Student-led workshops
Discussion sessions devised
and run by students
• Eradicating gender
• Coping with failure
• Independent travel
• Cooking on a student
• Mental and physical
Students take command
Plenary Session:
Reflecting on the day
Opportunity to reflect
Impact on individuals – students and staff
Enhanced relationships with local schools
Increased uptake for languages
Work experience opportunities
Press interest
National charity award
Whole school “buzz”
Working together
Impact on Individuals
“I wanted to thank you
for the conference and
particularly for letting me
run a workshop. I found
it really enjoyable and
I've noticed that as a
result of it I've become
much more confident
when speaking to people,
so thank you for giving
me those opportunities.”
Students transformed
Impact on individuals – students and staff
Enhanced relationships with local schools
Increased uptake for languages
Work experience opportunities
Press interest
National charity award
Whole school “buzz”
What did Delegates Enjoy?
• “The atmosphere of the
whole day and speaking to
such inspirational women”
• “The incredible workshops
that have given me so much
confidence for the future”
• “Leading my workshop and
being given the opportunity
to lead others”
• “Everyone being part of the
making of the conference”
Positive feedback
And what did they learn?
• “Don’t make set plans, dream big and go where life
takes you”
• “Failure is sometimes a blessing in disguise”
• “There are lots of different types of success and
perseverance is the key”
• “When I left I was buzzing with energy and possibilities
for the future. I felt I could achieve anything and I hope
that feeling never goes away”
Important messages
Where Next?
• October 2013 conference
is in the planning! Huge
enthusiasm for this year.
• Yr 12 Model United
Nations Conference
March 2014
• Development of
Whole-school Student
Leadership programme
Try it yourself!
Thank you
Katharine Adams
[email protected]
Richard Wilkes
[email protected]
Additional Material
Feedback from our Guests
“...They have come back to school full of
enthusiasm and have been incredibly motivated
by the experience...”
“My colleague and I spent the whole day
smiling because it was just a joy to behold all of
the young women conducting themselves so
impeccably. “
Feedback from a School
“The Inaugural conference was a great success… The
girls found it exciting and thought-provoking, and it has
given them the appetite to grow the skills and mindset
needed for their future success, after they leave the
shelter of CCHS……”
“I have seen many changes over my long association
with our school……the Leadership Conference was, in
my opinion, the best thing yet.”
Marymount High School, Los Angeles
Who Is Marymount?
9-12th grade
Catholic, Independent
72 zip codes across Los Angeles
18 religions
25% receive financial assistance
Our goal
The Birth of “BSBW”
What do we do well as a school?
Current students: Marymount empowers us to be
confident woman leaders who care about making a
difference in the world.
We want to inspire and empower middle school
girls in the same way Marymount has done for us
If we did a conference, what would it look like?
The Vision and Purpose
Leadership opportunity for our Marymount students
Empowering and inspiring leadership and
confidence in middle school girls
Admission outreach and showcasing the best of
Marymount to a larger audience.
Alumnae engagement
Teaching girls the value of giving back
Our Marymount Girls
Approx. 55 current students and alumnae
Executive Team made up of six student chairs and
three faculty chairs
Student Involvement
Executive Team
Small Group Leaders
Service Project Leaders
Our Guests
2012: 70 rising 6-8th grade girls from 25 different
2013: 97 rising 6-9th grade girls from 39 different
$10 fee, includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and a
BSBW memento
The Schedule – “Better Self”
“Kindness & Girls Supporting Girls”
“Girls Have a Voice”
“Trying New Things”
“Ethics and Values”
The Schedule – “Better World”
“Women Serving Others Around the World”
“Making a Difference”
“Life-changing Community Service”
“How to Help One’s Community”
Service Projects
Packed lunches for the
Beauty bags for
women’s shelter
Cards for Meals on
Placemats for Children’s
Blankets for a local
animal shelter
Why You Should Do It
Opportunity for faculty/staff to work with students
in a more personal way and on a different level
Approx. 3 months of planning – 1 week of intense
training for small group leaders and speakers
Budget = $3900 – we spent around $3200 and
brought in $1,020 in income
A conference that makes a big impact, but is smallscale