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An introduction to service Jonathan Griffin Deputy Chief Executive Publishers Licensing Society

What is Access to Research?

1. A


service that enables local libraries to provide their users with access to a wealth of research: 6,000+ journals 10 million+ articles !

What is Access to Research?


The content comes from the UK’s leading publishers, including:


What is Access to Research?

The content covers a broad range of subjects

Percentage of titles

6,0 8,0 10,0 12,0 14,0 16,0 18,0 20,0 Art, architecture & Applied arts Business & Economics Earth & Environmental Sciences Engineering & Applied Sciences General Health & Biological Sciences History & Archaeology Journalism & Communications Languages & Literatures Law, Politics & Government Music, Dance, Drama &Film Philosophy & Religion Physical Sciences & Mathematics Social Sciences 0,0 2,0 4,0

What is Access to Research?


It uses a well established digital platform called


, which is already widely used in academic libraries

What is Access to Research?


It is a walk-in service that is only accessible from terminals & wifi within libraries It does not include remote access

Why is the service being offered?


Finch Group

was convened by the government to explore how access to publicly funded research could be expanded . . .

Dame Janet Finch chaired the Working

Group on Expanding Access to Published Research Findings

Why is the service being offered?

One of the Finch Report’s recommendations

: That major subscription based publishers should license public libraries to provide free access to their journals and conference proceedings.

How does the service work?

Searches start at the Access to Research home page

How does the service work?

Accept Ts & Cs i ncluding non-commercial use, single print-off, no downloads

How does the service work?

Search results are generated by the



How does the service work?

Individual search results link through directly to Publisher’s site

How does the service work?

Articles are typically accessed as PDFs

Who has delivered this service?

• …in partnership with librarians through • and the generous support of • and the willing contribution of publishers and encouragement of their trade associations:

Implementation 1.

The service launched in January 2014 2.

It is running as a

2 year pilot

, finishing in December 2015 3.

Open to all local authorities across the entire UK who wish to sign up 4.

Usage data & qualitative research will be used to evaluate its impact in Q4 2015

What resources are available to assist in setting up the service?

• We have created various resources to help implement the service (based on feedback from the technical trial)


Is Taunton special?

Qualitative research Value to users • • • • Types of users What insights are they seeking?

Do they find them?

What do they do with them, once they’ve found them?

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