the bahay tuluyan (orphanage for sexual victims)

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Transcript the bahay tuluyan (orphanage for sexual victims)

 Bahay Tuluyan ng mga Bata sa Dasmarinas
 A residential institution established to provide care, protection and
rehabilitation to girls ages 5 to 17 years old who are victims of sexual abuse
(rape, incest, acts of lasciviousness, sexual exploitation) exploitation,
abandonment, negligence and physical abuse and maltreatment.
 Bahay Tuluyan provides residential services to girls who are 5 to 17 years of age
and are victims of:
 Sexual Abuse – victims of rape, incest, acts of lasciviousness, sexual
exploitation for money, profit or any other consideration or due to coercion or
influence of any adult, syndicate or group.
 Abandonment – child having been given up or left alone
 Neglect – child not given proper attention
Physical Abuse / Maltreatment – receives cruelty, battering or any
unreasonable deprivation of basic needs that demeans her physical
 Social Services - provides interventions geared toward strengthening
the coping capacity of the client and restore or develop their social
functioning. This includes better understanding and acceptance of the
cause of the client’s placement at the center.
 Homelife Services - provision of a well-balance, organized and nonformal activities in support to the treatment and rehabilitation of the
residents. Includes systematic home rules and regulations as
therapeutic endeavour.
 Psychological & Psychiatric Services - provision of psychological
treatment and rehabilitation especially for residents whose normal
functioning are affected by the traumatic experiences.
 Spiritual Enhancement and Values Formation - activities that
enhance the moral and spiritual development of the residents.
 Recreational and other Socio-cultural activities - activities that
promote self-esteem and social interaction among clients e.g. dancing,
singing, theater arts, etc.
 Skills training activities - provides skills training activities on sewing,
rug and bag-making among others. Aside from enhancing the
rehabilitation of the client, each are designed discover and enhance
client’s potential and creativity for future employment opportunities.
 Legal services - provision of legal services in the form of legal opinion,
lawyer’s services or assistance through volunteer and retainer lawyers.
 Aftercare & follow up services - conducted in coordination with local
social worker, it includes continuous assessment, regular monitoring of
the clients progress at home and in the community. May also include
provision of other necessary assistance to the family e.g. medical and
livelihood assistance
 Girls who are victims of the above stated abuses will be
admitted to the Center provided that she is
Free from any communicable / contagious disease;
Does not possess any form of mental illness;
Comes from any of the municipalities / provinces
Has the following requirements:
referral letter
Social Case Study Report
Birth Certificate
Medical Certificate
 28 Minors in the Facility with ages ranging from 9 to 17
years of age
Majority were molested by relatives e.g. foster father or
Most cases were reported by neighbors
Incest is the most common crime
6 House Parents
4 Social Workers
Funded by the National Government
 Most come from poor families
 They follow a certain routine
 They engage in mostly recreational activities
 They stay from six months to one year depending on
the gravity of cases
 Presence of Psychologists, Nutritionists and 24-hour
 Relatives have limited visitation rights
 The lack of appropriate facilities
 Can still be productive members of society
 Are still normal members of society
 Address poverty
 How to bring perpetrators to justice
 Area is too small
 Expand maintenance and monitoring programs
 Expand the period of residence
 Volunteers needed in activities
 Awareness of victims
 Justice for perpetrators
 Constant monitoring of progress
 Constant understanding
 Vigilant citizens
 Importance of education
 Alert and vigilant authorities
 Access to victims limited in terms of observation,
conversation, interaction
Immersion in the Bahay Tuluyan
Comparison with other similar institutions
Data on successful “graduates”
Impact on other sectors of society
Root cause of the problem
Study on rehabilitation methods
How to minimize victims
 Government is addressing such issues
 Less in Life, More in Law
 Everybody must contribute e.g. reporting, monitoring,
donating, services
Victims as contributors to society
Enjoys support from academe
Strengthen other government agencies as support
Victims as achievers
Total development of the individual
 Jose Aims R. Rocina
 Associate Professor
 De la Salle University-Dasmarinas, Cavite
 Philippines
 E-mail: [email protected][email protected]