Meraki Mobil Device Management

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Meraki Mobile Device Management
Meraki System Manager Capabilities
Centrally Manage Mobile Devices, Macs, and PCs
Unify management and control of thousands of iOS, Android, Mac,
and PC devices in Cisco Meraki’s secure, browser-based dashboard.
Systems Manager is intuitive and requires no training or dedicated
staff. Systems Manager works on any vendor’s network — even if the
managed devices are on the road, at a café, or used at home.
2. Remotely Deploy Software and Apps
Systems Manager makes it easy to centrally manage applications on
your iOS, Android, Mac, and PC devices. Systems Manager integrates
with Apple and Google App Stores, and Apple’s Volume Purchase
Program (VPP) for easy deployment and maintenance of free, paid,
or Enterprise apps. For Macs and PCs, deploy MSI and PKG files right
from the dashboard.
3. Enforce Restrictions & Deploy Network Settings
Enforce policies across mobile devices administered by your
organization. Protect devices and their data, control their usage with
fine-grained policies, and restrict access to features such as the app
store, gaming, and content. Use selective wipe to remove enterprise
data from lost or stolen devices.
Systems Manager also makes it easy to define and deploy network settings
like wireless connectivity, security settings, and remote VPN access to all your
managed devices at once.
4. Enterprise Connectivity
Deploy wireless configuration, VPN, and Exchange email settings to mobile
devices from the dashboard. Onboarding of new devices is simplified by
configuring SSID security and authentication settings, including certificates, in
a centralized portal.
ActiveSync email settings such as domain, encryption, and stored mail history
duration can also be synchronized across managed devices. Streamline client
VPN setup by pre-configuring server information, tunneling protocols, and
encryption settings right from Systems Manager.