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Transcript What is the PARCC handout - Monroe Township School District

 High quality, computer-based K–12
assessments in Mathematics and ELA/Literacy
that will inform teachers, schools, students, and
parents as to whether students’ are on track in
their learning.
 PARCC assessments will be administered
during the 2014-15 school year.
What are academic standards?
 Academic standards describe the
knowledge and skills a student needs to
acquire by the end of each school year.
What is curriculum?
 Curriculum is the school district’s plan for
day-to-day teaching of the concepts
contained in the standards.
 Teach the Common Core Standards!
 Reading and writing in all content areas,
including Social Studies and Science.
 Focus on evidence-based statements.
 Provide opportunities to see the assessment
platform and its features.
 Our district PARCC website for parents,
students and educators.
 The CCSS provide instructional focus for
Literacy in Science, Social Studies and
Technical Subjects
 PARCC assesses not just ELA, but a full range of
reading and writing across the disciplines of
science and social studies.
 PARCC does not directly assess your child’s science
or social studies content, but it does reflect
assessment of Standards for Literacy in
Science/Technical Subjects and History/Social
 PARCC will use a variety of science/technical and
history/social studies texts; and thus, our classroom
preparation has this aim.
 PBA (Performance-Based Assessment)
 70% of the school year
 March 3rd – March 27th
 EOY (End of Year)
 90% of the school year
 April 27th – May 22nd
Research Simulation Literary Analysis
3 sources
- Text
- Video
- Charts or graphs
- Artwork or
2 literary texts
- Short stories
- Novel excerpts
- Poems
1 narrative text
- Short story
- Novel excerpt
Multiple choice
Multiple choice
Multiple choice
Written response
integrating sources
Written response
integrating sources
Written response
 Elementary and Middle School will be using laptops and
 High School will be using iPads with wireless keyboards
and ear buds.
 Accessibility features for all students, including:
 Highlighting
 Answer elimination
 Digital notepad
 Spell check
 Drop down menus for math tools
 Students are presented with excerpts from two novels, The
Count of Monte Cristo and Blessings.
 Reading comprehension
 Students respond to multiple choice questions about
vocabulary, setting, characters, and other literary elements.
 Literary elements
 Students prepare one prose constructed response (PCR). In
this sample, students must identify a them in each work and
analyze how the theme is developed.
 Analysis of literature and writing to text
Science Example
Social Studies Example
Anchor Text:
Students read:
Article on DNA
Anchor Text:
Students read:
A letter from Abigal Adams
to John Adams
Sequences of questions are used
to draw students into deeper
encounters with texts.
Students write an essay framed
around a claim they craft, based
on text evidence.
Supporting Research
2 Primary source letters
Students analyze all 3 documents,
then craft an essay connecting all
three pieces of evidence.
 Read and view multiple sources on the same subject (read
an article about sharks and then watch a part of a
 Ask your child questions about what they have read,
watched or listened to; ask them “how” and “why” questions.
 Sustained independent reading on a daily basis with a
variety of text types.
 Use Study Island for additional practice.
 Typing Club (online)
 This and other resources can be found on the district’s PARCC
General Information
 PARCC is meant to be a tool to help teachers drive
 No opting out for the PARCC
 Link to PARCC for parents and students on district
website; Q and A questions
 Study Island – technology based
 Cannot prep for this type of assessment – it is about
being immersed in the common core throughout the
entire year
 http://parcgames.com/ PARCC examples