Kinect Multi-Touch Gaming Table

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Transcript Kinect Multi-Touch Gaming Table

Justin Gold
Patrick Lupiani
The Goal
Enhance the experience of traditional
tabletop gaming over long distance
 Make it as ‘natural’ feeling as possible
 High levels of social Interaction
 More than just a virtual version of a board
 Fun!
The Table
Based on the design of a collaborative
product with MITRE
 Multi-touch and gestural interface
 Real and virtual objects
 Networking
 Telepresence
The Vision
Extend the table to include
 Interactable gaming widgets
○ Dice, spinners, etc.
 Structured interactions
 AI based gaming
The Competition
Microsoft Surface
 E-Whiteboards
 Tablet Computers
We can do that plus…
Object scanning
 Cheaper than most other solutions
 Gestural tracking with Kinect includes
height data
 Did we mention the object scanning
 .NET/C#
 Extensive use of computer vision
 Finger/Hand Tracking
 Intended to be ported to the SDK
Bumps in the road
Base table took longer to implement
 Kinect resolution issues
 Limited hand tracking capabilities
 No built in skeletons for hands
Kinect is a resource hog
 Calibration to back projection
 Top Projection very light sensitive
If we knew then what we know
Program structure
 Kinect Issues
 Depth limitations
 Relative immaturity of the drivers
Wait for SDK
Where could it go…
Library of playable games
 Build-a-game framework
 More complex gaming structure
 Tabletop RPG games
 Tabletop war games
 Cards
On with the show…
Demonstration of table