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PVAAS Pilot Roster Verification and Teacher Reporting



• • Spring 2013 PILOT Roster Verification Fall 2013 PILOT PVAAS Teacher Specific Reporting – ONLY provided to the teachers who participated in the pilot/completed roster verification in Spring 2013

Purpose of PVAAS Teacher Reporting

• Provide a teacher specific growth measure to be used as part of Pennsylvania’s Educator Effectiveness System • Provide feedback to teachers regarding their influence on the academic growth of students • Provide data for teachers and administrators to guide discussions about the academic progress of groups of students – Discussions between teachers – Discussions between teachers and administrators

PVAAS Teacher Reporting: One Source of Data

• • • • • • • •

Teachers yielding high growth can:

Mentor beginning teachers Serve as Instructional Coaches Become lead teachers Serve as members of a school-wide planning committee Participate in curricular planning Serve on professional development committees Promote differentiated instruction Tutor students in need of extra support

For teachers needing extra support in improving student

• • • • • •


Provide mentors for these teachers Provide support from Instructional Coaches and lead teachers Provide support for planning and preparation Align professional development needs to data Model differentiated instruction Offer opportunities for observing teachers yielding high growth with students

PDE Guidance

• PDE is developing statewide policy and guidance for PVAAS Teacher Reporting that fairly represents the unique schedules, instructional programs, and PA certified educator contributions to student growth in the tested subjects/courses where PVAAS reporting is applicable. • PDE will provide flexibility and guidance for LEAs to locally address, within the state policy and guidelines, teacher attribution to student growth via PVAAS Teacher Reporting.

PVAAS: PDE’s System for Growth

• PVAAS uses the EVAAS methodology from SAS EVAAS for K-12 • SAS EVAAS has been providing teacher level reporting since 1996 • EVAAS methodology has been published, research based, and peer-reviewed • SAS EVAAS has 3 statewide implementations of Teacher Specific Reporting (OH, TN, NC + PA) + 24 regional & district implementations across the US – PA has been learning from other states and districts in the US

Two Resources: Summary of EVAAS Research on Teacher Effectiveness


– District and Building Administrators – Curriculum Directors – Special Ed Directors – HR Staff – Content Leaders/Specialists – Teachers – School Board



Questions for LEAs to Ask Now – to Plan

 Which permanent or temporary professional employees who hold a valid PA teaching certificate have full or partial responsibility for content specific instruction of assessed eligible content as measured by:  PSSA in reading, math, science, or writing?

 Keystone exams in Algebra I, Biology, or Literature?

 There will be additional criteria to determine which teachers will have an eligible PVAAS score  Example, minimum N count

PVAAS Teacher Specific Reporting: Which Teachers?

• • • • Math & Reading – Grades 4 through 8 Science – Grades 4 & 8 Writing – Grades 5 & 8 Keystone End-of-Course Exams – Algebra I – – Biology Literature

Note: Pennsylvania’s Alternate System of Assessment (PASA) is not included in PVAAS analyses as there is a very low number of students tested statewide.


• • Spring 2013 PILOT Roster Verification Fall 2013 PILOT PVAAS Teacher Specific Reporting – ONLY provided to the teachers who completed roster verification in Spring 2013

Pilot Implementation Timeline

PVAAS Roster Verification

A process to verify that the right teachers are linked to the right students for the right proportion of time for the right tested course/grade/subject(s) - to yield PVAAS Teacher Specific Reporting.

Teacher Student Grade/Subject/Course Proportion of Time

Data: Prepopulating PVAAS Roster System

• • • Email Address/PPID File PIMS Course/HQT File – Student-Teacher-Subject/Grade/Course – One “teacher of record” • Additional teachers will not be in PIMS Course/HQT file linked to a student for subject/grade/course Anticipate increased alignment between PIMS and Educator Effectiveness/SPP and PVAAS Teacher Specific Reporting

PVAAS Roster Verification Sequence and Process

Teachers (2 weeks) Principal (2 weeks) District Admin (1 week) SAS EVAAS

OPTION: School Pre-Step: Roster

(1 week)

Roster Process

EACH window below has a specific start date and end date.

– Any step can be completed early, BUT each step must be completed BY the final date listed. – The verification window for each step will close/lock at midnight on the final date listed for that step.

PRE-Step (Building Admin)

• • • •

Pre-step by School (1 week): April 29-May 5

This is an optional step for LEAs. HOWEVER, STRONGLY suggested However, this step does have a specific start date of April 29 th and end date of May 5 rd .

The School Administrator account holder can choose to go into the PVAAS roster verification system to make sure all PILOT teachers have a roster that represents all tested grades, subjects and/or Keystone-related courses – And delete any who are not in the pilot This step will save time/issues during the next step, the teacher verification window.

– And will ensure no NON-pilot teachers gets and email to verify a roster

Teacher Verification Window (2 weeks): May 6-19

• • • • • • • This step has a specific start date of May 6 th May 19 th .

and end date of Each teacher verifies that the correct tested subjects, grades, and/or Keystone-related courses are included.

Each teacher verifies that the correct students are attributed for each tested subject, grade, and/or Keystone-related course.

Each teacher adds/deletes students to his/her roster.

Each teacher determines the % of Enrollment and % of Full/Partial Instruction for each student in each tested subject, grade, and/or Keystone content area. Each teacher must “submit” all rosters no later than May 19 th . Teacher window is closed May 19, midnight.

Roster Verification: Teacher



Principal (PVAAS Building Admin account) Verification Window (2 week): May 20-June 2

• • • • • • This step does have a specific start date of May 20 th end date of June 2.

and Principals verify all PILOT teacher rosters (students, % of Enrollment, and % of Instructional Responsibility).

The principal can start this process early and verify any completed teacher rosters submitted prior to May 17.

Principals work with teachers to address over-claiming and under-claiming of students.

Each principal submits all verifications no later than June 2nd. Principal window is closed June 2nd, midnight.

Roster Verification: Principal



Superintendent/Designee (PVAAS District Admin account) Verification Window (1 week): June 3-7

• • • This step does have a specific start date of June 3 rd and end date of June 7 th .

Superintendent/Designee verifies all school rosters (teachers, students, % of Enrollment, and % of Instructional Responsibility) and works with principals to address over-claiming and under-claiming of students.

Each Superintendent/Designee submits all verifications no later than midnight June 7 th .



Roster Verification: Superintendent or Designee



Roster Verification: Professional Development

• • • Focus: “HOW TO” for PILOT LEAs – 3 hour Training Sessions – Roster Verification Process and Web-Based System – Kristen Lewald, Ed.D. and SAS EVAAS 2 approaches to training for Pilot LEAs – April 2013 – 3 Face-to-Face Sessions • West, Central, East – 3 Statewide Webinars (will be recorded and archived) Kristen adding roster training webinar JUST for Pilot IUs – Will be archived

Roster Verification: Professional Development for Pilot LEAs

Face to Face Sessions

• • • Live Sessions **Registration Key: PVAASPILOT** – PATTAN Website: http://www.pattan.net/ PaTTAN King of Prussia April 22, 2013 – 8:30-11:30am or 12:30-3:30pm PaTTAN Harrisburg April 23, 2013 – 8:30-11:30am or 12:30-3:30pm PaTTAN Pittsburgh: April 24, 2013 – 8:30-11:30am or 12:30-3:30pm

Attend ONE 3 hour Session Webinars: via Elluminate

• • • No registration required for webinars April 18, 2013, 12:30pm-3:30pm April 19, 2013, 8:30am-11:30am April 25, 2013, 12:30pm-3:30pm

Required: 1 District Admin & 1 Principal per Pilot School Pilot teachers welcome

Roster Verification: Support

• Other Supports – PDE FAQs – Quick Guides – Virtual Learning Modules – Help Menus – Email and Phone Support

How Can IUs and LEAs Prepare?

• Do staff understand the current PVAAS reporting?

– Concept of Measuring Growth – PVAAS School Value-Added and Diagnostic Reporting • Resources – Archived webinars – Virtual Learning Modules – IU PVAAS Contact(s) – PVAAS Statewide Team for PDE

Understanding PVAAS

District/School Reporting to Teacher Reporting District/School Value-Added

Teacher Value-Added District/School Performance Diagnostic Report

Diagnostic Report

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