Stone Fox By: John Reynolds Gardiner

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Transcript Stone Fox By: John Reynolds Gardiner

Retelling By: Mr. Arbaugh
 The
main characters are Little Willy,
Searchlight, Grandfather, Doc Smith, and
Stone Fox.
 The
story takes place on Grandfather’s
potato farm in Wyoming.
 It also takes place in the city.
 It is probably the 1950’s.
 In
the beginning, Little Willy finds that his
grandfather won’t get out of bed or talk.
 Little Willy gets Doc Smith so she can find
out what is wrong with grandfather.
 Doc Smith says that grandfather doesn’t
want to live anymore.
 Little Willy figures out that grandfather
owes a lot of taxes.
 The
problem is that Little Willy must find
a way to raise money so that they don’t
lose the farm.
 Little Willy tries to get a loan from the
bank, but they won’t give it to him.
 Little Willy doesn’t give up. He uses his
college money to enter a dog sled race.
 Stone Fox, an Indian, enters the race.
 Stone
Fox always wins the races he is in.
 Little Willy doesn’t care, and still enters
the race.
 Little Willy heard dogs barking and
found Stone Fox’s dogs in a barn.
 Stone Fox punches Little Willy in the eye
because he thought Little Willy was
trying to hurt his dogs.
 The
problem is solved