Alexander the Great and His Empire

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Transcript Alexander the Great and His Empire

334 B.C.
338 B.C.
404 B.C.
war ended.
King Phillip
most of the
336 B.C.
Phillip was
murdered by
his own son.
with united
and Greek
army invade
Asia minor.
1. What roles did Athens and Sparta play in the Peloponnesian war?
•Their role in the war was the enemy.
2. Why was Alexander the great trained to be a leader?
•King Phillip ll took over the throne, and created a well trained army
3. How did the Peloponnesian War contribute to the expansion of Macedonia
•Because he wanted to carry out his father’s task of invading the Persians
4. How did Alexander plan to build his empire?
•His plan was to create an empire by using a strategy of both terror and kindness
He hoped that Greek ideas, custom, and tradition would
blend with the diverse culture of the people who he
He thought that the building of Greek-style cities would be
one to accomplish his goal.
While the Greek people was about to settle in Alexander’s
cities. They brought their own laws, arts, and literature with
He honored Egyptian and Persian gods. With the same
respect he paid to Greek gods to shoe his respect.
He visited oracle sites, made sacrifices, and had temple built
to honor these gods.
Alexander promoted the idea that himself were a god. After
visiting the Egyptian oracle he began wearing a crown with 2
He allowed persian governors to run the say-to day business
of their land.
He began to wae persian cloth and encouraged marriage
between the people of Macedonia and Persia.
Alexander demanded that each of his visitors greet him
according to Persian custom.
The empire started to crumble.
His generals fought to control his empire.
Settlers left the city he built and the cities
fell to ruin.