Health Education On HIV/AIDS Oromo Community, Washington DC

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Transcript Health Education On HIV/AIDS Oromo Community, Washington DC

Health Education On HIV/AIDS and Nutrition
Oromo Community, Washington DC
Teshome Geleta Deksissa,M.D.
• . A major global public health problem since early 1980’s.
• .HIV: Human immunodeficiency virus.
The virus that causes AIDS.
• AIDS: Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome.
• Claimed 39 million….mostly in Sub-Saharan countries.
• 35 million people live with HIV.
• HIV lives and multiplies primarily in the white blood cells… the
immune cells.
• WBC protects us from disease.
• Damage to the WBC….low immunity…infection / cancer….AIDS.
• No safe and effective cure currently exists.
• How is HIV transmitted?
• 1. body fluids: blood, breast milk, genital secretions.
2.Injections : sharing needles, sharp materials.
3. blood / blood products transfusions
4. mother to child.
• HIV doesn’t discriminate!
2. Be faithful/ monogamy….after negative result.
3. condom use… consistent, proper use.
4.Don’t share sharp equipment/ needles.
5.Screened blood … before transfusion.
6.Avoid pregnancy/ early treatment for both the Mom and the baby…
during pregnancy and immediately after birth.
• 7.C / Section.
• 8.No breast feeding.
• What is the best approach?
• 1. Knowledge/ Health Education….prevention.
• 2. VCT. Know your serum status.
• No preventive vaccine or Cure.
• ART to prolong life… With change of life style to decrease risk/ further
exposure…. Different varieties and increased viral load.
• Why food is important?
• For growth.
• For development
• For repair.
• For survival / maintenance
The 6 Nutrients:
4. Vitamins
• Balanced Diet: everything is about balance.
• Malnutrition…abnormal ( excess or less)
• Under nutrition…starving….Disease
• Over nutrition…overweight / Obesity…Disease
• Food/ nutrition related health problems:
• Overweight, obesity, high cholesterol, Diabetes Mellitus,
Hypertension….. Heart attack, stroke.
• Under nutrition: low immunity/ infection or cancer, anemia, goiter,
nerve problem, stunted growth, underweight.
• Daily requirement varies: age, sex, level of activity, health status.
•Questions ?