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EWB Challenge
University of XX
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Before we get started…
What is the importance of the following factors to your
future career in engineering?
Money / Salary
Becoming chartered
Further qualifications
Job security
Job satisfaction
Challenging work
Practical / Hands-on work
Working / Travelling internationally
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) record
Having a positive impact on the world around me
Engineering Myths
Engineering is neutral
Engineering is technology
Engineering Myths
Engineering is neutral
Engineering is technology
850,000,000 people lack access to safe drinking water
820,000,000 people are under-nourished, 1.1 billion are
29,000 children die every day from poverty-related causes
Fewer than 1 engineer per 100,000 in Africa c.f.: up to 500
in Europe
1 billion people living in slums
The EWB Challenge
Housing in Sandikhola, 2013
Population: 30,430,267 (2013)
Official Languages: Nepali (In addition, there is a wide
range of regional dialects)
Ethnic Composition: The Nepali people are descended from
migrants that moved from India, Tibet, eastern China and
northern Burma.
Religion: Around 80% Hinduism, 10% Buddhism and a
Muslim minority
Education: 57% of the population over the age of 15 have
had some form of schooling
EWB Challenge Design Areas
Housing & Construction
Housing in Sandikhola, 2013
Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)
Constructing a new rainwater tank in Sandikhola, 2013
Constructing a new rainwater tank in Sandikhola, 2013
Waste Management
Community rubbish bin in Sandikhola, 2013
Women transporting sand to a construction site by strapping the bags to their backs and
heads, Sandikhola, 2013
Information Communication
Technologies (ICT)
Manually checking the flow of water from a natural spring in Sandikhola, 2013
Climate Change
Rice paddies, Sandikhola 2013
What to think about
Understand the context
Consider all aspects
Keep the ‘client(s)’ in mind
What happens now
Check out the EWB Challenge website
And sign up to the discussion forum
Please respect our program partners. It is important that students Do not
contact NEWAH directly! Please direct all questions to the discussion
What happens now
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Challenge will operate at this university]
EWB Challenge Finals
1. Your academics will pick up to 5 teams to
enter the finals
2. You must submit a document of no more
than 10 pages
3. Following expert review 1 team will be
invited to the EWB Challenge Finals
4. Judges then decide on the Grand Prize and
Runner up
19 universities
1 partner
2,800 students
7 design areas
28 launch lectures
56 team reports reviewed
60 volunteer reviewers
100 hours of volunteer review
53 finalists
17 final teams
1,500 hours staff time
1 final
8 judges
2 prizes
Thank you to our sponsors
VISION | A world
where everyone has
access to the
engineering they
need for a life free
from poverty
AIM | To EMPOWER engineers to
remove barriers to human
Thank you for listening