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Transcript Cro-Magnon

 Welcome to the amazing world of Cro-
Magnon people. Be prepared for facts flying
at you and challenging questions at the end.
 Cro-Magnons lived to about 30,000 years ago, and
they lived in Asia, Africa, Europe.
 1,000 years ago they crossed the land bridge from
Eurasia and occupied North and South America.(1)
 Cro-Magnons ate nuts, seeds, fruits, and small game.
They would dry their food and store it for winter. They
captured the small game and went to go look for their
other protein and fiber.(2)
Religion And Ceremonies
 Cro-Magnon people were the first to develop drums,
and they used them to have ceremonies. They had lots
of fun doing their ceremonies. They also had Burial
Ceremonies, and all the people of the tribe would
participate in the funeral. The body would be carefully
placed in a shallow grave along with tools, weapons,
and food needed for the believed Afterlife.(3)
Development Of Language
 Cro-Magnon were the first to have clear language and
communicate like we do now.(4)
Body Wear
 Animal hides were popular to wear as clothing. Their
clothing looked just like a pair of pants and a t-shirt.
They had to stitch and or sew their clothes like we do
now. (5)
Painting And Carving
 Cro-Magnons painted on cave walls and animal skin
using paintbrushes made of animal fur. They painted
the animals and people that they esteemed. They used
burins, a sharp tool, to carve pictures, and they carved
the same things they painted. (6)
Description Of Shelters
 They used animal hides to make their shelters, and
they were supposed to make long-lasting dwellings
that would sustain through the winter. (7)
Description Of Physical Appearance
 Cro-Magnons looked the most like us out of all the
Early Human groups before us. (8)
Description Of Daily Life
 Cro-Magnons had homes and appropriate clothing,
and they hunted and harvested their food. (9)
Fire And Warmth
 Cro-Magnons made fire to keep warm, and it was their
only source of warmth besides their clothing. They
used wood to make fire. They started fires by rubbing
wood together or hitting rocks together until a spark
was created.(10)
 Cro-Magnons’ source of tools included these: flint
axes, burins, spearheads, and bow and arrows. They
also used fire to scare away animals. (11)
 Cro-Magnon entertained themselves by hunting,
fishing, and dancing to the music that their drums
made at their ceremonies. (12)
What did Cro-Magnon people use to paint and what
did they paint?
2. Were Cro-Magnon people the first to make drums,
and for what did they use these drums?
3. What tools did Cro-Magnon people use and what did
they use to scare away animals?
Cro-Magnons painted animals and people and made
paint brushes out of animal fur.
2. Cro-Magnons were the first ones to develop drums,
and they used these drums during ceremonies. They
also had fun using their drums.
3. Cro-Magnons used flint axes, burins, spearheads,
and bows and arrows. They used fire to scare away
 We hope you enjoyed experiencing the amazing
world of Cro-Magnon people. Did you notice all of
the facts flying at you and the challenging
questions at the end? Now you know a little about
the life of the Cro-Magnons.
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