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AP World
Fall 2013
Mr. Owen and Mr. Colden
Changing Patriarchy: The
Case of China
The Han and Confucianism
 Han Dynasty incorporated Confucian ideology
 Confucianism 
 Pairs of opposites incorporated into patriarchy
 Yang (Masculine)
 Heaven, rulers, strength, rationality, light
 Yin (Feminine)
 Earth, subjects, weakness, emotion, darkness
 Men’s sphere = Public ; Women’s sphere = home
 “Three obediences”
Ban Zhao
 Three customs for the birth of girl
 Placed below the bed = “Lowly and Weak”
 Given broken pottery toy = “her duty was to be
 Birth announced to ancestors = responsible for
“continuation of [ancestor] worship at home”
 Get ready for more fun in… Document 5.1
Exceptions to Subordination
 A few women had considerable power
 Several led peasant rebellions
 Honor given to mothers of Sons
 Dowry was regarded as women’s property
 Women valued as textile producers
 Wives had high status than concubines
 Peasant women labored in fields despite ideal of
Some officials blame
women for collapse of
China after the Han
 Han Dynasty reigns from 206 BCE – 220 CE
 Era of disunity
 Followed by a brief Sui Dynasty (581 CE – 618 CE)
 Tang Dynasty (618 CE -907 CE)
 Nomadic people of Northern China
 Nomads and gender Roles
Changing Patriarchy of Tang
 Confucianism discredited
 Daoism and Buddhism attracted new
 Daoism
 Buddhism
 Elite women found new powers
 Capable of handling legal affairs
 Inheriting property
 Riding horses
 Empress Wu (690 – 705 CE)
 Restrictions will return with the Song
Contrasting Patriarchies:
Athens and Sparta
Spartan Background
 Athens
 Unprecedented participation in political life
 Male dominated
 Definitions of citizen?
 Aristotle
 Sparta
 Spartan expansion led to threat of rebellion
 Helots
 Emergency of a military regime.
Role in life:
Role in
Public Life:
Role in the
Athens vs. Sparta Wrap-up
 Women were freer in Sparta despite militarized state
and more secluded in Democratic Athens
 How does this challenge our ideas of emerging