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Employee/Staff Reporting
EIS.260/EIS.530 – Special because
You get to pick your own fields, in your own order
You get to pick how to break and subtotal
You can request to report on staff based on payroll,
H/R and/or demographics
You have a build file option
** Largely demographic, pay related, or H/R related fields
– not absences, leaves, evaluations ….
Employee/Staff Reporting
EIS.260 – Hints and Tricks
Order of fields match screens (on the most part)
** indicates potential multi-line entries
ASG or PRO indicate Pay assignment and/or F11 History
Blanks 901 and grid 902
First Name
Employee/Staff Reporting
EIS.260 – Drives Me Crazy
 Request too many fields …. Program tries to start cutting down field sizes
and cut things off …. Choose Landscape and 15!
 If it happens to you .. Have to do SOMETHING to make it recalculate
Employee/Staff Reporting
EIS.530 – Template done, run reports as often as needed
 Know who you want to include on the report and respond to the
appropriate screen .. Usually listens to multiple selections
Employee/Staff Reporting
Last Screen EIS.530 - Selection
 List me active Staff who have a Maiden Name marked in their record.
 List me just Rural Employees (R0????)
 List me everybody that has a LIFE??? Code …..
Employee/Staff Reporting
Report Examples
 List me any active Teacher that is missing a Criminal Record Check
 Give me any active staff member that has not completed their orientation
 List me any person starting in September and all of their missing required
documents … Nope (EIS.491) but can do missing say Teaching Contract
 Produce a download of all PhysEd teachers including their emergency
contact details
 Provide a Summary of where our staff lives (how many and per city)
 Provide a list of any Teacher who has an assignment start date after
September 1 of this year.
 Next Session …. Build File and Downloading !!
Employee/Staff Reporting
H/R Reports you should know about (PAY308)
 EIS.996 – School Configuration: Enhanced and simplied
EIS.995 with added information like student population
 EIS.998 – Board Report. If you have to produce a report for
them it should definitely NOT be done in Word.
 EIS.514 – Select which staff to report on (as per F11) and then
select which additional history to include on the report (eg: Print
all of my returning leaves and show me the last 5 year history
of their work here)
 PRO.419 – Print more official experience profile for any
employee showing their F11 history and totalling number of