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Transcript Employment & Training - Delaware Workforce Development Board

A Case Managers Perspective

Ronetia Bacon 5/19/2010

 Provide Employment and Training services that will lead to:  Long-term employment  Increased earnings of the underemployed  Attainment of occupational skills by participants  Improve the quality of Delaware’s workforce


 As part of the eligibility process customers are required to access the DJL to research available trainings and training providers  Complete homework assignments:   Visit provider(s) to discuss training/degree programs, school requirements, cost, start and end dates of program Complete packet confirming research and selection process has been completed.

 The Division of Employment and Training protects the privacy and rights of individuals seeking our services.

  We cannot disclose client information to providers without a Release of Information signed by client and CM We cannot obtain information from providers without an Authorization to Obtain Information signed by client and CM

 Determine skills and service needs  Job readiness  Training readiness   Aptitudes and abilities needed to successfully complete the training program Basic education skill level needed to obtain professional license, certifications and/or enrollment into postsecondary institutions.

 Suitability of training, leading to a placement outcome.

 Criminal backgrounds  Valid drivers license  Meeting additional state/federal requirements  Hazmat endorsements, adult/child abuse registry etc.

 Register with “One Stop”  Attend orientation  Gather initial eligibility documents  Contact Case Manager for appointment  Attend all scheduled appointments with CM  Submit all required documents  Complete all assessments

 I nitial assessment  Career Planning  Evaluate employment/training barriers  Schedule/review assessments  Develop a feasible Employment Development Plan (EDP)  Submit EDP for approval  Notify client/provider of approval  Notify client of denial  Provide alternative resources


are required for all participants prior to start of training:  Customers should not be told they can start training without proper funding authorization.

 CM will contact training provider and fax funding authorization if and when approved.

NO verbals!!! You must have a written authorization on file.

 Missed or late scheduled appointments with Case Manager.

 Inability to provide required eligibility documents.

 Missed appointments for any assessment testing scheduled.

 Submission of financial aid information to CM from school, acceptance letters, transcripts, course curriculum etc.

 Remember ……..

 Training is not an entitlement. It is a key service strategy but we must consider other services that lead to employment  Training should lead to program completion, certification, employment, good wages and retention.

 Eligibility is not the only determining factor, suitability will always be a factor.

    CM discourage participants from attending certain schools  Customers choice (the final decision is ultimately the customers) Everyone referred for funding will be eligible.

 Eligibility criteria must be met. Customers referred for funding by a provider will choose the same provider for training  Honest Brokers. Customer must be informed of all training providers/training programs available Eligibility doesn’t mean approval for chosen training/occupation  There must be a reasonable expectation that individual will be able to obtain employment. (criminal background, transportation etc.)

 Provide placement information, attendance records etc.

 Updated client information  Open door, feel free to contact CM with any problems, concerns that may arise with customer during participation in training.

 Send updated training schedules