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Transcript PRE-REGISTRATION 2013-2014

Student Services Department Riverside Brookfield High School November 24 th and 25 th

 Begins on December 1st  Ends on December 12th  Be on time for your appointment  Be prepared with a completed form

 A copy of the 2015-16 Curriculum Guide can be viewed and downloaded from the RB website.

 1.0 Credit in English  1.0 Credit in Math  1.0 Credit in Science  1.0 Western Civilization (If not currently taking)  .5 Credit in Health  .5 Credit P.E. or 1.0 Credit in Marching Band  Electives (World Language, Applied Arts, Fine Arts, English)

 Pay attention to graduation requirements.

 Be sure to list alternative classes – This is very important in case a course is closed due to maximum enrollment or if a course is cancelled due to limited enrollment.

 Think about your 4-year academic plan – How will you meet all of your requirements plus take interesting electives?

 English Electives   Clarion Rouser    Debate Creative Writing Journalism  World Language  Spanish, French, German & Heritage Speakers  Social Studies  AP European History  Urban Studies

 Applied Arts      Business & Technology Family & Consumer Science Industrial Technology Technology Education Television Arts Production  Fine Arts     Music Art Dance Theater

Business Principles & Accounting

 Covers accounting and the basic management functions of a business 

Business Marketing & Web Design

 Covers advertising, marketing and communication strategies in the new media landscape  Digital Art  Formally titled Digital Imaging

 Your current teacher made recommendations in the following subject areas:      English (Regular or Honors) Math (Regular or Honors) Science (Regular or Honors) Social Studies (Regular or AP) World Language (Level II, III or IV)  Teachers may have suggested classes in:   Applied Arts Fine Arts

 Remember to take courses that are both challenging and rewarding.

 Remember balance – allow time for academics, extra-curricular activities and time to do the things you enjoy.

 Consider your post-secondary plans  4-year college     2-year college Trade school Military Work

 Fine Arts Survey (A proficiency exam is also offered once each semester. The 2 nd semester date is TBD.)  Health (The course fills up fast.)  Failed courses from previous years.

 Take selecting course for next school year seriously.

 “Change of mind” course changes will not be honored after January 23rd.

 Teachers may make level change recommendations after January.

 Course verification letters will be mailed home to families in February.

 Students/parents will be given approximately 5 days to review their course selections.

 Verification letters are mailed only to ensure course selection accuracy. We are not able to honor “change of mind” course changes.

 Students should see their counselor if there is an error on the course verification letter.