1999 - 2000 Program of Studies Orientation

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Transcript 1999 - 2000 Program of Studies Orientation

Hunterdon Central Regional High School 8 th Grade Program of Studies & Freshman Course Selection Orientation

Your High School Experience!

Your 4-Year academic experience is a journey . Make sure you think about your destination and work backwards.

Use the Program of Studies Booklet as a guide.

Minimum Requirements for Graduation

Take the 8th Grade “NJASK8” seriously!

See Page 5 for High School Graduation Requirements

Scheduling Guidelines

Take the most challenging course load that you can handle without creating too much stress.

Check “Prerequisites”, “Grade Level” and sometimes “Recommendation” See Page 99 for Freshmen Electives.

More Scheduling Guidelines

An important guide for your initial course selections is the Teacher Recommendation Form.

If you have concerns about the recommended placement, your parents can initial the desired course in the “override” column.

Please note that students selecting a Math, Science, English or Social Studies honors course will be required to take a departmental placement test this spring.


Teacher Recommendation Form

Course Name Mid Year Recommendation (Teacher Initial) Override (Parent Initial) 011 012 014 Honors English I English I Freshman Humanities S019 English I If recommended for 012 you may choose 014 If choosing 014 rather than 012 initial here

Scheduling Guidelines

Health & Physical Education are scheduled automatically.

Think about picking “Alternates” for each elective choice.

Remember, every course you take, and every final grade you receive, will be on your permanent record.


Electives and Alternates (In Order of Preference)

Course Name Cr.

Alt. # Alternate Course Name Cr.

I will participate in Marching Band for Credit

Home Logic

 Beginning on February 6th, course requests can be entered using an internet based “HomeLogic” software.  HCRHS online course selection will be open between 8:00 AM February 6th and 8:00 AM February 11th.  You must complete your course selections online within this time frame.

In order to access HomeLogic, you will receive an exclusive User Name and Password. KEEP IT SECURE!!!!

You will be receiving detailed HomeLogic user name and instructions soon. They will be mailed home.

Selecting Courses

It makes no difference if you select courses first or last during the 2/6 to 2/11 time frame. However, if you fail to input courses during this time frame you will be assigned a lower scheduling priority. This may affect your ability to enroll in courses which are filled or are low enrollment courses.

Freshman Only!

When selecting some courses such as… 332- Algebra 2,

221- French 2 222 – Spanish 2

Remember to select the Grade 9 option!


At the end of the course listing, please find a list of Hunterdon Central sports identified with the prefix “XTR”. Please check off any sports that you may be interested in participating in. This information will be provided to our coaches.

Non Traditional “Credit Attainment Pathways”

If you are considering “Outside” Course Work this summer, please read Pages 7 -12 carefully. Applications must be received at the H.S. prior to May 15.

Course Levels and Weighting

1 - Weighted:


(Advanced Placement courses) 


(Honors courses)

2 - Unweighted:

 Any course not designated AP, or HNS

Typical Freshman Schedule








Typical Block Schedule

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 SEMESTER ONE Quarter 1 (Sept.- Nov.) Math Phys Ed English Art I* Quarter 2 (Nov.- Jan.) Math Phys Ed English Art I* SEMESTER TWO Quarter 3 (Jan.- Apr.) US History I Spanish II Science Interior Design** Quarter 4 (Apr.- June) US History I Spanish II Science Computer Applications**