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eGovernance Project management Office
Koyna Design Circle,
Procedure of Registration of DDO
• Connect to internet & Go to
• Click on DDO Registration link as shown below:
Use this option if DDO is
already registered
Use this option if DDO is not registered.
(To be filled by DDO)
To create New Account:
Please Select Your Office Names –
To select more than one offices tick check box and click on office
names to be selected .
Please Enter Your DDO Number
Click on Register.
• After clicking on register button below message will be
Now user is registered in the system
If DDO is already registered
• Log In
• Please enter your DDO number in username box.
• Please enter the default password 1234.
• Click on Log In.
How to change password ?
• When clicked on Log In
• Change Password screen will be displayed as below:
• It is mandatory to change password after first login.
Change PasswordEnter Default Password i.e. 1234
Enter New Password.
Confirm New Password & then Change Password
Change Password
• On clicking ,change password a message will be
displayed as shown in below screenshot saying
Your password has been changed successfully
Now Log in with new password
To update your DDO number or to add/change offices
click on “Add Multiple Offices”
After addition of offices, click
DDO Post creation & Mapping
Enter 3 fields –
Name of office, Group & Designation
1. After entering 3 fields following screen is
2. Click ‘No of posts filled (B)’
Enter data in below screen under
Post Assignment
Under Post Assignment enter data as shown below –
Aadhar no. is very important as it is login ID for
individual’s data entry in eSB
Then Update
* fields are mandatory
After assigning the post of DDO following
screen is seen
 After Assigning of post,
DDO will receive SMS as well as eMail to the
mobile no. & email ID mentioned above.
 If DDO is in additional Charge, then fill
Dummy Aadhar Number during DDO Post
 Be ready with following info of all employees Full official Name, Aadhar No, Date of Birth,
Date of Joining Government Service, Mobile
Number & email ID
After DDO registration click
‘Employee Post creation & Mapping’ tab as below
Fill the data as seen below:
Vacant Post (A – B) will be calculated automatically
After creation of every record following screen
is seen
Create Designation wise all the employees
for which the DDO is same
Then DDO will click on ‘No of posts filled’
After DDO registration click
‘Employee Post creation & Mapping’ tab as below
Activities Post Registration
1) Send information regarding DDO Registration,
Post creation etc to concerned Region Office.
2) Region office will send this information in
standard format to PMO by 29th Nov 2014.
Activities Post Registration
1) All the employees when receive SMS / email
from system have to start data entry
2) DDO will issue circular/written order of Login
IDs & password to all the staff member.
3) Scanning of documents of all employees to be
started at the earliest.
4) All the employees will enter their data online
on their own or as per directives of office In
5) User Manual will be made available for data
entry and Master Trainers concepts will be
List of Documents to be Scanned
Medical Examination Certificate
Police Verification letter
Caste Certificate & Validity Certificate (If applicable)
Biometric (Five finger impression & name)
4th/5th/6th Pay Fixation orders & Option Form (If
Home Town declaration form
Various nomination Forms (GIS, DCRG, Family Pension,
MS-CIT / Marathi / Hindi / Profession Exam (Certificate /
Additional Increment then only order of that.
Deputation Order
Training details – Certificates/ Approved Tour Diary etc.
or Scan copy of Entry in the Service Book
Contact:1) Please contact Mahaonline Helpdesk if any
query:Mahaonline Helpline: 022-61316400
Complaint Registration :[email protected]
2) Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) at PMO –
Mrs Limaye, AE1
Tel: 020-25468982 (Extension # 804)
Email:- [email protected]
3) Mrs Marathe, FC
Tel: 020-25445765 / 25420090 (Extension #
Time Lines
Time line
Required for
one entry
DDO registration – Add multiple offices
15/11/2014 5 min
DDO Post creation & Mapping (own post)
17/11/2014 3 min
Employee post creation & Mapping
25/11/2014 5
Issue of Login ID & password through
written circular to all the staff
27/11/2014 1 day
Certificate to be sent to PMO @ DDO
registration/post creation & Post
29/11/2014 1 day
Circular for scanning of all documents for
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