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Transcript Orientation

General Information
We welcome individuals who are
interested in the various healthcare
professions and hope to provide optimal
learning opportunities.
General Information
Private, not-for-profit hospital formed in 1991
Provides the only tertiary level services in the
Licensed for 204 beds
Services Provided
Cancer Care
Center of Health
Family Healthcare
Hand Care Center
High Plains Cardiology
High Plains Sports
Medicine Center
Hospice and Lifeline
Imaging Center
Joint Care Center
DeBakey Heart Institute
Bariatric Surgery
Neurology Center
Pediatric Center
Sleep Disorder Center
Women’s Center
Cosmetic and
Reconstructive Surgery
Core Purpose
To Help People Be Healthy
Core Values
Respect * Compassion * Spirituality
Trustworthiness * Excellence * Professionalism
BHAG-Big Hairy Audacious Goal
To be the best Tertiary Care Center in Rural
Vivid Description
Patient, Physicians and employers will first think
of HaysMed and our regional partners to meet
their health care needs. We will provide the best
in compassionate care and will help communities
understand and improve their health. We
support health care as a component of rural life
by combining tertiary services in a rural delivery
system using primary care physicians, local
hospitals and other health care providers.
A parking permit is required for all students,
individuals doing observation/job shadowing;
volunteers/volunteens; physician locum tenens;
physician residents
Individuals observing for one day only will not need a
parking permit
Permits can be obtained from security. Go to security
office, located on first floor next to main lobby,
immediately upon arriving at the medical center
Students; Job Shadowing/Observation
 Park on the west end of the Center for Health
Improvement parking lot
Physicians; Physician Residents
 Designated physician parking, south side of medical
 Designated Associate Parking
Parking Map
Dress Code
It is the policy of HaysMed to require all individuals
who are regularly on HMC grounds providing
services or receiving training from HMC, dress in a
conservative, professional and business-like manner
complying with the following guidelines:
Wear comfortable professional or business casual
clothing; If going to be in clinical area – scrubs are appropriate
Jeans, T-shirts, sweat shirts, sweat pants, wind suits, backless
outfits, or clothing with advertisements on them that cover the
chest or back will not be permitted
Dress Code
Hair, beards, and mustaches must be neatly trimmed
and groomed; Shoulder length or longer hair must be
pulled back
Body Piercing
 Earrings
Conservative and professional in appearance
No more than two earrings in each ear
No larger than three-quarters (3/4) of an inch in diameter
or length
Gauge earrings must be covered.
Dress Code
No other visible body piercing will be permitted
including but not limited to eye brow, nose and belly
button jewelry.
 No lower extremity body jewelry should be visible.
 No visible tattoos will be permitted
 Artificial fingernails or extenders are not allowed
 Natural nail tips shall be less than ¼ inch long from
the tip of the finger
Dress Code
Clean, supportive walking shoes, including athletic
Only closed toe shoes are allowed in patient areas
In no case are thongs, flip flops or any other similar
type shoe allowed
We are proud of the services that we
provide for our customers at HaysMed
and want to offer the best learning
opportunities possible.
Questions can be directed to the Education
Department (785-623-5500) or, in the
case of a physician, Medical Staff
Services (785-623-5702)
HaysMed Policy & Procedure ManagerTM.