Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence

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Transcript Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence

Bodily / Kinesthetic Intelligence
A.K.A. Body Smart!
We are Body Smart when we…
 Are
highly coordinated.
 Use gestures and body language.
 Take things apart and fix them.
 Learn through “hands-on”
We are Body Smart when we…
 Enjoy
acting and roleplaying.
 Enjoy dancing and
 Move with grace and
 Act and Mimic.
 Enjoy movement.
We are Body Smart when we…
 Process
information through
bodily sensations.
 Use and understand gestures
and body language.
 Communicate information
by modeling.
We are Body Smart when we…
 Touch
people when we
 Appreciate athletic
 Play sports.
 Dance and choreograph.
 Benefit when movements
are used to symbolize
We are good at…
 Dancing
 Athletics
 Acting
 Using
our body in highly
differentiated and skilled ways.
 Thinking in gestures,
movements, and body language.
People who put their body smarts to work include…
 Athletes
 Surgeons
 Dancers
 Carpenters
 Gymnasts