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Over the course of the past few years, the dramatic increase in the number of vehicles on our roads
has meant that parking all over the country is becoming more and more of a premium. People want to
be able to leave their cars as close to their final destination as they can, but also want to be able to
have a clear, unobstructed route. Pedestrians also want to be able to move unimpeded to their
In order to satisfy these growing needs, order had to be introduced onto the streets and into the car
parks. At first this was carried out by traffic wardens, employed by the Local Police Authority, but
many environments are now patrolled by private organisations.
This information sheet will explain the role of the British Parking Association within the Parking
Industry, and is the first of a series of sheets that will guide the consumer through the increasingly
difficult areas of on street and off street parking.
Who are the British Parking Association?
The British Parking Association (BPA) are the
largest Professional Association in Europe
representing organisations in the Parking and
organisations include: Manufacturers, Car Park
Local Authorities, Shopping
Centres and many more. Currently we have
around 650 members, equally split between
the public and private sectors.
What do we do?
As the recognised authority within the Parking
Industry, the BPA represents, promotes and
influences the best interests of the parking
and traffic management industries throughout
the UK and Europe.
As well as this work, the BPA provides its
members with a range of benefits, all aimed
at helping the parking professional in their
day to day work.
What don’t we do?
The BPA is a membership association and
not a regulatory body. This means that whilst
we will address any concerns raised about
our members’ working practices, we do not
have the resource to deal with complaints
about individual enforcement notices.
Information on what you can do if you have a
complaint about an enforcement notice can
be found in the Information Sheet about
parking tickets
How do we achieve our aims?
We aim to achieve our objectives by:
Ensuring our membership
reflects the parking sector.
Ensuring good management of the
BPA as a non-profit making
organisation, to develop a clear
understanding of the needs and
expectations of our members and to
effectively and efficiently to meet
these needs.
Promoting and representing our
members’ views of the parking, traffic
control and enforcement sector to
Government and other interested
parties and to influence their policies,
as the recognised authority for the
Promoting the exchange of views and
to encourage and support the
development of Best Practice within
our sector.
The British Parking Association. Stuart House, 41-43 Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 3BN
Tel: +44 (0) 1444 447300 Fax: +44 (0) 1444 454105 [email protected]uk