Welcome to the OSSLT - Assumption College School

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Transcript Welcome to the OSSLT - Assumption College School

Welcome to the OSSLT


• The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) is administered to all students in Ontario in their Grade 10 year.

• Successful completion of the test is a graduation requirement.

• The OSSLT is designed to reflect the requirements of The Ontario Curriculum. The test assesses literacy (reading and writing) skills students are expected to have acquired by the end of Grade 9.

The Basics

The OSSLT will take place on: Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Schedule

8:45 -8:55 8:55 -9:05 9:05 -10:20 10:20 -10:30 10:30 -10:35 10:35 -11:50 11:50 -12:00 12:00 -1:40 1:45-3:00

Break Announcements Get Seated & Instructions Booklet 1 (75 minutes) Get Seated Booklet 2 (75 minutes) Questionnaire Desk Return and lunch Period 4

Length of the test

The test will take ALL morning

 The test is broken up into two packages  Each package has two booklets (one with the questions and the other is strictly for your answers)  Each package is allotted 75 minutes to complete  You can NOT leave early  There is a 10 minute break between booklets


• If you are on an IEP, you will write in the library • Students without an IEP will be writing in the large gym • A seating plan is arranged alphabetically (signs will be posted) • Your test is labeled with your name AND Ontario Education Number (not your student number) • It is important that you verify both packages have your name on them *Report any errors to test administrators *Do NOT write in another student’s booklet (Don’t laugh--It has happened and it causes chaos  )

Break time

• You will have a 10 minute break between booklets • You may stretch and/or use the washroom • The cafeteria will provide muffins in the small gym • You are discouraged from going outside as you only have 10 minutes • Package #2 begins promptly after the break *No extra time is given for those arriving late from break

What you should bring…

 Pencil or pen (blue or black ONLY)  Eraser/ whiteout  Highlighter  Water  Tissues (if necessary) *All students writing MUST BE IN PROPER UNIFORM.

Ladies--no scarves, no UGGS, no leggings, no work socks, etc.

Boys—watch the shoes No extra time will be allotted for uniform issues

What you should NOT bring…

NO electronic devices (cell phone, ipod, etc.) NO food or drink (only water) NO dictionary or notes to help you with the test No reading material for afterwards *Cell phones are NOT permitted (even to be used as a timer). If you choose to bring it, it will be turned off, collected, labelled, and returned after the test.


Each package contains 2 booklets (as seen below) The only book which will be graded is the ANSWER book

What does the test assess?

Understanding explicitly stated information and ideas Understanding implicitly stated information and ideas Making connections between information and ideas in a reading selection and personal knowledge and experience Developing a main idea with sufficient supporting details Organizing information and ideas in a coherent manner Using conventions (spelling, grammar, punctuation) in a manner that does not distract from clear communication

The Test


You will receive a single literacy score in June To pass the OSSLT, students need a score of 300 to meet the provincial standard (300 is a pass) Unsuccessful students will have the option of: -retaking the test the following year or -enrolling in the Ontario Secondary School Literacy course


EQAO is an important assessment and ANY evidence of academic dishonest (cheating) is taken very seriously by the school and by the Ministry of Education. Therefore, keep your eyes on your own test, no talking, and NO electronics.


1. If you have an IEP you can access accommodations for the test. 2. You will write in the Library. 3. You are to report directly to the library on morning of the test date.

**Students should have received an accommodation slip from their homeroom teacher reminding them of the accommodations that they have available to them as outlined on their IEP.

Who to see if you have any questions…

Your teacher Mrs. Medeiros (room 1007) Mrs. Bradford (in attendance office) An Administrator www.EQAO.com


1. Answer EVERY question 2. Answer the question that is being asked (usually two parts to each question) Example: Identify one action you take in your daily life to be healthy. Use specific details to explain how this action contributes to your health.

3. Always include “specific and sufficient support” 4. Highlight keywords and phrases 5. Write legibly 6. Don’t swear 7. Use upper and lower case (no block letters) 8. Use complete sentences 9. Use formal language (no slang) 10. Proof read – check for spelling and grammar 11. Don’t go beyond the lines provided but DO try to use them all up 12. Budget your time 13. Leave NO BLANKS (something is better than nothing)