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Chase Darlington
FCB Management/Marketing Senior
March 11- March 14
Johnson Precision
12 Executive Drive
Hudson, NH
Johnson Precision is a full
service global supplier of
premier plastic injection
molded components and
sub-assemblies. Johnson
focuses on life sciences,
medical devices, high-end
electronics, and analytical
lab equipment.
During the two days in New Hampshire, I had
meetings with the following individuals:
Jim Umland (President)
Martin (Engineering)
Craig (Program Manager)
Jack (Operational)
Jo (Production)
Maureen (Quality control)
Michelle (HR Manager)
Frankie (Purchasing)
Angie (Ordering)
Ellen (Finance)
Scott (Sales)
I was able to see the application
of Operation Management in the
Production field.
I was able to see how an ERP
system is used in an organization,
and how using this system adds
value to the organization, versus
the theory in CIS 360.
I was able to see how an
executive was able to cut through
the noise and make logical and
productive decisions compared to
the Managerial decision making
I learned from Jim the importance of having good
decision makers to help the organization run
smoothly. I learned a little about governance in an
organization and how delegation relieves the
burdens of managers. I learned how valuable ERP
systems really are. I was able to observe how
production is an unseen necessity in the consumer
world. I observed how disagreements were settled
in different functions of an organization
(production, assembly, etc.). One of the greatest
lessons I learned was that adding value is a deal
maker, and that Jim adds value in his processes.
I felt uncertain about the production world
going into this job shadow. I enjoyed the
Operation Management class and wanted to
explore this option more. After spending two
days there, I realized that this is a viable career
option. When speaking with the HR Manager, I
was able to specify career goals and objectives.
The HR Manager was able to help me plan for
the future and be decisive in where I should go
from here.