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Today’s Agenda!!
Title: Hatshepsut and Ramses II
Quiz 6.2.3
 Who were some important Pharaohs??
◦ Hatshepsut
◦ Ramses II
Persuasive Reflection
 Video: Egypt
Lesson : Egypt and Social Order
Do Now:
1. Identify jobs and
social roles of ancient
2. Explain Egyptian
religious beliefs
3. How did the
Egyptians develop the
idea for a 365- day
[Tape worksheets here]
Draw a line under your DO NOW , and
label it the following way:
Quiz 6.2.3 Egyptian Religion and Social
Many Egyptian gods had
◦ A. pyramids built to honor them
◦ B. the body of a human and head of
an animal
◦ C. been pharaohs who became gods
upon their death
◦ D. pharaohs named after them
A religious similarity between the
Mesopotamians and Egyptians was
◦ A. they both had many gods
◦ B. their gods all looked like
◦ C. their gods all looked like people
◦ D. they both believed in
The ancient Egyptian's sun god was
◦ A. Osiris
◦ B. Anubis
◦ C. Ra
◦ D. Hathor
The Egyptian god of the underworld
◦ A.) Horus
◦ B.) Isis
◦ C.) Ra
◦ D.) Osiris
 Who
was in the TOP level of
the social structure in Egypt?
◦ A.) Pharaohs and Priests
◦ B.) Priests and Kings
◦ C.) Pharaohs
◦ D.) Nobles, Priests, and
Who were some important
Pharaohs ruled Egypt for more than 3,000
years. Do you think all of them were good
◦ NO!! Some even lost their power to foreign
invaders. But, each time that happened, a new
pharaoh rose up to drive the foreigners out.
◦ Queen Hatshepsut and Ramses II were two of
Egypt’s most famous rulers.
 Each one used the pharaoh’s power in a
different way…let’s take a look!!
Who was Queen Hatshepsut??
Hatshepsut was one of the few women
to rule Egypt!!!!
She was the daughter of one pharaoh and the
Great Royal Wife of another. When her
husband, Thutmose II, died in 1504 B.C.E., he
left a son who was too young to rule. Instead,
Hatshepsut made herself Egypt’s new pharaoh!!
Take about 3 minutes to share with the person
next to you…what do you think about
Hatshepsut appointing herself as the next
Some Egyptians did not
want to bow to a
woman ruler. To gain
their support,
Hatshepsut carried out
all of the rituals
expected of a king.
 Her statues showed her
dressed as a king!! She
even wore the false
beard that was a symbol
of the pharaoh’s power.
Queen Hatshepsut’s Rule
She ruled Egypt from 1500 B.C.E. to 1458 B.C.E.
Hatshepsut’s rule was peaceful. She was often
called “Good Queen Hatshepsut.
 She built Egypt’s wealth and power through trade.
When she sent traders away to Punt in East Africa,
they came back with precious wood, ivory, gold, and
 She built beautiful monuments, in which she had
artists carve and paint scenes from her life and her
 When she died, Tuthmosis II tried to erase evidence
of Hatshepsut’s reign to make it seem as though he
had succeed his father directly, and made a
successful reign himself.
What about Ramses II??
Ramses II ruled about
200 years after
Hatshepsut, and he was
a different kind of
What Hatshepsut was
able to do through
trade, Ramses II tried
to do through war. He
spent the first half of
his reign fighting in
distant lands.
One of Ramses’ II Battles
In 1274 B.C.E., Ramses led his army
against the powerful Hittites. The two
armies met in a placed called Qadesh in
present-day Syria.
 According to Ramses, he won a great
victory at Qadesh without much help
from his soldiers. He actually lost many
soldiers to the Hittites in this battle, so
instead of losing the rest of his army, he
chose to head back home.
Ramses II was known for two things: his
red hair and being Egypt’s greatest builder.
 In 60 years of ruling, he was able to build
more monuments than any other pharaoh.
 One of his many projects was the temple
at Abu Simbel, which was carved from a
rock cliff.
◦ Four statues of Ramses, each more than
65 feet tall, guard the entrance.
 Not surprisingly, he is remembered as
Ramses the Great.
Pyramid Projects:
Students will draw two social structure
pyramids. One will be a review of
Mesopotamia social structure, and one
will be of Ancient Egypt social structure.
Both of these are important, and it is
crucial that students do not confuse the
 Students will construct a pyramid using
construction paper and markers.
Be Persuasive
In English, you are learning about
persuasive text.
 For homework you will write two
paragraphs about who you think was a
better leader, Hatshepsut or Ramses II.
 Write your paragraphs in a way that you
will persuade, or convince, your reader
that the ruler you chose is better than
the other one.
 Use your textbook and notes to find
Video on Pharaohs!!