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Specialty 040101 “Social work”
Social work specialists get the following knowledge:
- psychology, pedagogics, philosophy, law;
- information about modern political, social, and economic processes in
society, different social groups and communities;
- contact and establish the relationships with “difficult” teenagers,
orphans, invalids, aged persons, etc.
Professional activity of our graduates:
- federal, regional, local administrations, enterprises, institutions and
organizations of population social protection;
- state and non-governmental institutes, territorial centers and funds of social
- various social population groups, collectives, civil society organizations;
- socio-pedagogical services at the educational institutions;
- private practice.
Research work
Magisterial staff of the Chair actively participates in scientific-research work of the
University, which is connected with creative students work.
There are “Days of science”, Olympiads, scientific students conferences at the Chair.
Students take part in functioning of student humanitarian scientific congress of Omsk
State Technical University.
The Chair provides the following forms of education:
• full-time education (5 years);
• part-time education (6 years).
Entrance examinations: social science, native history, Russian language, literature.
The Head of the Chair is the candidate of philosophic science, docent, full member
of Academy of Social Education, Filatov V.A.
644050, Omsk
Pr. Mira, 11.
Liberal Education Faculty.
The Chair of Sociology, social
work and political science.
tel. (381-2) 65-27-98, 65-35-51.