Modern Period of American Education (1920-present)

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Transcript Modern Period of American Education (1920-present)

Modern Period of American Education (1920-present)

By Katie Outz

Adult Education Movement

• 21 million adults are taking some form of adult education • Many are afraid of loosing their jobs • Adults go back to school for many reasons


5 main types of adult education programs that evolved over time: Junto 2.

Lyceum 3.

Smith Acts 4.

Veterans Administration 5.

Manpower Act

John Dewey

• Communication was education • Crucial to social life • People need teachers • Learn how to be problem solvers

Brown vs. Board of Education

• Linda Carol Brown  Topeka, Kansas  required to attend all black school • Her father teamed up with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People • 9 blacks were escorted into a high school

Public Law, The Education of All Handicapped Children Act • Improve education program for handicap children • Children and adults (3-21) • Evaluation for special education programs • IEP must then be written out • Parent training

George Counts and Progressive Education • Wrote “The Principles of Education” and “Dare the School Build a New Social Order” • Wanted teachers to lead society • Teachers should be concerned with outside world • Schools need to join groups

Stanley Hall and the Testing Movement • Influenced by Charles Darwin • Focused attention on needs of adolescents • Stages of children's lives

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