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Introducing [email protected]
Digital Academic Supervision Hub
Mike Johnson
Project Manager
This presentation aims to explain…
What [email protected] is
Why we’re doing [email protected]
Who is supporting [email protected]
How to start using [email protected]
– Setting up your [email protected] record
– Creating new entries, subscribing, etc.
• How [email protected] fits into the academic supervision
[email protected] - What and why?
• [email protected] is for keeping and sharing academic
supervision records electronically
• [email protected] keeps these records out of personal email
• [email protected] enables a longitudinal view of supervisory
• [email protected] is private for students but visible to
academic staff
• [email protected] embeds ‘digital literacy’ into the
curriculum as required by University strategy
[email protected] - Who and when?
• [email protected] is built with Cardiff University centrally
supported systems
• [email protected] roll-out is supported and evaluated by
Mike Johnson
• [email protected] trialled successfully with the Oman
programme and is now used across the School
[email protected] - Where and how?
• Login to Learning Central
• A [email protected] module appears in module list
• Select ‘View’
Staff view on entering the
Digital Academic Supervision Hub
Search by student’s name where there
are large numbers.
Click on the name in the list to enter
that student’s [email protected]
Note: The student must have at
least opened the [email protected] before staff
can add a message. Students yet to
do this are listed in the ‘Unstarted
Assignments box’
Student view on entering the
Digital Academic Supervision Hub
Please note the
subscription and
export options
Students subscribing to [email protected]
• Students must subscribe to their [email protected] record
to receive email alerts of activity by
• Select ‘Subscribe’
(above the ‘Add New Entry button)
• Tick the box and select ‘Submit’
Example [email protected] entry
Click here to
create a new entry
Titles of your entries
• Please use the
module code in
– This helps to identify
what the entry is
about and distinguish
it from the others in
the future
– Titles are included in
email notifications
Posting to [email protected]
Type your
message into the
Select the upload
button to add an
Select the Browse
button to locate
your file
Select the ‘Save &
Exit’ button when
you’re done
To display your picture
Adding a picture helps to personalise your use of
the [email protected] system
Select ‘Settings’
to add, change or
remove your
profile icon
Tutors please note…
Upload feedback to the intended
– Interruptions may prevent
immediate return of work
– Navigating back to the student’s
[email protected] record is time-consuming
Solution: Each [email protected] record has a unique Web address.
Record this for navigation later.
Changes for 2014
Academic supervisors
overwhelmed with
email alerts
[email protected] did not forward
‘out of office’ email
replies to students
Students notify staff of
new entries to [email protected],
including a link to their
entry in the email.
o Supervision records
all in one place
o Out of office replies
enable students to
take further action
Getting a link to [email protected]
Right-click here for the
additional menu…
Select here for the link to your
[email protected] record
Adding the link to your email
Adding a space
at the end of
the link should
make it ‘live’
Adding the link to your email
Link to PDF
Help and support
• Userguide and link to narrated PowerPoint is
on front page of the [email protected] module
• Tuition in person/email/phone
Mike Johnson
07443 460036
[email protected]