Gotta Go Pawn Shop Marketing Plan

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Transcript Gotta Go Pawn Shop Marketing Plan

Gotta Go Pawn Shop
Marketing Plan
By: Garik Theriault
Company Overview
Financial Information
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Plan
Company Overview
Located on 78 East Main Street, Van Buren, Maine.
Open for 1 year.
Family Owned and Operated.
Sells a wide variety of items.
Purchases new and used items that are brought into the
Takes items in on pawns, which are collateral loans.
Profit Sources
The business makes about 10% on each gun sale and has
a $20-$50 charge if someone would like to ship to the
shop and use the Federal Firearm License.
Every pawn has an interest rate of 25%, the person who
pawns has one month to either pay the price of the loan
and interest to get the item back, pay just the interest
charge and extend, or forfeit their item.
Other items range from instruments, tools, movies,
video game consoles and many other things. The
percentage gain on each item varies.
SWOT Analysis
• Since it is run by family, there are
no salaries to take into account.
• There are few competitors in the
• Owner runs other successful
businesses and has experience in
running different businesses.
• Fewer workers means open for
shorter hours.
• Relatively small shop means
smaller inventory.
• Relatively high start up costs with
the purchase of inventory and
different licenses.
• Few competitors.
• High profit margins for pawns
and sales.
• Has the potential to expand into a
larger business.
• Could open up other shops in
another area.
Bigger stores in Presque Isle.
• Someone could open up another
shop in the same area.
• Most pawn shops are either
successful or not based on the
economy and time of year.
Marketing Plan Goals
Get the brand awareness up so people know what and
where the shop is.
Get people to know what services are offered
Raise the amount of yearly pawns and sales.
How to Accomplish This
Newspaper ads
Social Networking
Offer promotions and discounts to get people in the store.