What Do Managers Do

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Transcript What Do Managers Do

Edwing Llangari
Get Work done through others
Management Levels
Top Managers
 Middle Managers
 First Level/Line Managers
 Team Leaders
Top Mangers
Also Known as Senior Management
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
 Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
 Chief Operational Officer (COO)
 Chief Information Officer (CIO)
 Chairperson of the Board
 President, Vice-President, Corporate
Middle Managers
General Manager
 Plant Manager
 Regional Manager
 Divisional Manager
 District Manager
First-Line/Level Managers
Office Manager
 Shift Supervision
 Department Manager
 Foreperson
 Crew Leader
 Store Manager
Team Leaders
Team Leader
 Lead
What are their jobs, tasks, or
Top Managers
Depends on the size of the organization
 Establish goals and the means in which
they will be accomplished.
 Long term goals
 Team work
 Have their own staff
 Monitor customers needs
Top Managers
CEO is the head
 COO, oversees other executives
 Meeting and Conferences
 Expand the company
 Meet with Regional Managers across the
country and internationally
Success, Change or your FIRED!
Middle Managers
Hire, train, Motivate, Coach new
 Communicates and interprets Top
Managers goals to First-Line Managers
 Keep different locations in touch with
each other
 Report to Top Manager
First-Line/Level Managers
A key player in the companies success
 Carry out companies goals
 Set Daily/weekly goals (Planning)
 Hire, Train, Supervise, Motivate, Fire
 Manage store/location
 Appearance
 Deal with customers and employees
 Make schedule
Team Leader
Set the example
 Motivate
 Help others succeed and feel
comfortable (on occasions it may
include to train in new employees)
 Communication inside the team
 Communicate with other teams/Report
to Management
 Accomplish your GOALS!
What do they have in common?
The Four Managerial functions
 Planning
 Organizing
 Leading
 Controlling
The three roles created by Mintzberg
 Decisional
 Interpersonal
 Informational
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