Senior Parent Night Powerpoint

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Transcript Senior Parent Night Powerpoint

12th Grade Parent Night
Tonight’s Agenda
 College Admissions Review
 The Dreaded Application!
 Timeline
College Admissions Review
 Different criteria for each college (the “formulas”)
 Application deadlines
 Early Decision
 Early Action
 Restricted Early Action
 Scholarship deadlines
 Making a Decision
 Don’t panic! Nothing is set until May!
The Application
 The 4.0 scaled GPA is Unweighted – critical!
 Colleges use 9th-11th grades – but they will see all
classes on the transcript
 GSMST classes are all listed as Honors, Advanced, or
AP – this is big!
 Community service, volunteer work, jobs – they all
 We do not rank.
College Timeline for
NOW – students ask teachers for recommendations
NOW – college list finalized, Common App account created if needed
NOW – Essay work is being done in 12th grade language arts
By October 15th, apply to at least one school
 Safety school
 Scholarship deadline schools
November – Financial Aid Night November 20th; CSS Profile opens
Winter Break – finish regular deadline applications
January - FAFSA opens, Jan 5 is usually the last admissions deadline
March – start to hear from schools; financial aid packages
May 1 – must notify school of attendance
College Visits to GSMST
 Two College Fair Days (mini-fairs)
 Consolidated all visit requests to same day
September 16, 3:30-5:00
October 15, 1:00-3:00
 All other visits will be during lunch at information
tables, or after school at 3:15PM (Room 5.042)
 Upcoming 3:15PM Visits:
 Sept 9 – University of Rochester
 Sept 10 – Georgia Tech
 Sept 11 – Vanderbilt
 October 2nd – Stanford University
Final Thoughts…
 Try not to worry!
 Email me at any time with questions
 Your students get a lot of information at school – if
they seem to be lost, email me!
 Our alumni have been very successful, your students
will be, too!
 Tons of fun events planned… watch the calendar