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A. P. Human Geography
What Can I Expect This
This is a college level course and your a
freshman in high school.
It is possible that:
it will take time for you to adjust to the routine
of both high school and AP.
your grades in AP may be lower than in the
your may have to do more homework and be
more organized than was necessary in the
Test scores will generally be
lower than you would like to
Don't Be Discouraged!
This is what is meant by a “rigorous”
Be patient.
You will adjust and improve as time goes
Course Grade v. Exam Score
Students receive a grade every 6
weeks as they do in any other class.
This grade is based on homework
assignments, quizzes, tests and
class participation.
The A.P. Grade is weighted so that:
“A” is weighted as 6 instead of 4 points
“B” is 5 instead of 3 points and
“C” is 4 instead of 2 points
Exam Score
This is the score students receive on the AP
exam they will take on May 2015.
This will be a 1, 2, 3, 4, or a 5
5 – extremely well qualified
4 – well qualified
3 – qualified
2 - possibly qualified
1 – no recommendation
What does it mean?
If you score a “3” or higher, many colleges
and universities will award college credit.
This will save you money in tuition fees and
time spent in getting your degree.
Some students are able to take care of their
first year of college through AP classes in
high school.
What does it mean?
Starting early not only gives you time to earn
those credits but helps you establish the skills
and habits needed to succeed in a rigorous
curriculum. *college is hard*
Criteria for awarding credit depends on the
college or university. Students are
encouraged to consider a school's policy with
regard to AP credit when looking at colleges
or universities.
The State of Texas makes it even more
attractive by helping you pay the $89 fee to
take the exam.
*average cost to students is
• You can expect homework
every week night and some on
the weekends.
• Homework consists of reading
and taking notes from the
textbook, watching
supplemental video clips,
projects, online assignments
and some writing.
What you can do to Suceed:
Keep up with dead-lines. These are
posted on the calendar and on each
Talk to teacher/peers about topics
being learned in class if you need
Watch a nightly news program, read
news websites and follow major news
Our Textbook
The Cultural
Landscape: An
Introduction to
Geography, 9th
James M.
Rubenstein, PhD
Our Review Text
This serves as a
throughout the
year to the
It is our main text
during the weeks
of review prior to
the exam.
What to Expect on Exam Day
Date: Tuesday, May 2015
Time: Noon
Place: Teaching Theatre
Students around the country will
be taking the exam on the same
What Is On the Exam
The exam lasts approximately three
The first half (60 minutes) consists of 75
multiple choice questions and makes up
50% of the final score.
The second half consists of three free
response questions (essays), lasts 75
minutes and makes up the other half of
the score.
What to Expect on Exam Day
The exam is proctored by other AP
Teachers from PHS
PISD students will be taking the exam
The exam lasts three hours. No one will
be excused early.
Students must bring a picture id, pencils,
pens and are encouraged to bring a
watch, a jacket and a snack.
What to Expect on Exam Day
Students are expected to stay home the
morning of the exam and arrive at school
around 11:30 a.m.
Students will need to arrange a ride home
that afternoon since the exam will end
after 3 p.m.
While it is possible to take the exam on
an alternate date, it is much better to
make plans now for your child to be in
town and ready to take the exam on May
Exam Scores
The multiple choice section is machine
The essays are scored in early June by
high school AP Human Geography
teachers and college professors of Human
They assemble for approximately one
week in Cincinnati, Ohio to read and score
the FRQ's (Free Response Questions).
The final exam scores are posted online in
early July.
If a Score Is Lower Than a 3.....
While we try our best to assure that every
student earns a 3 or higher, not every
student does.
You need to remember that you have still
gained some valuable skills and
experience that will help you throughout
high school and college.
Many students go on to take other AP
courses, earn the weighted points and
often go on to pass future exams.
Extra Help is Available
After school tutoring will be offered every
Tuesday/ Wednesday immediately after
school by Ms. Parker till 3:30.
There will be an opportunity to take a
practice exam in the spring one
Wednesday after school. Date TBA.
Extra Help is Available
After Spring Break, we will be offering extra
review sessions in preparation for the exam.
Parents Play a Critical Role
Be your child's best cheer leader!
Encourage them when they are feeling
Help them understand that perseverance
over the long run will be rewarded.
Check Progress Book regularly for
updates and deadlines. You can get your
password from Student Services.
E-mail your child's teacher any time you
have a question or concern.
# 1 Reason for Failure
Make sure your come to school. Students
who miss a lot of school do not do well on
AP exams.