Keyboard and Keys

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Keyboard and Keys

     Enter/Return  computer command to send information (when on-line)  or ends a paragraph (in word processing, like a typewriter) Shift  Creates a uppercase letter when holding shift and pressing the letter (SHIFT + L)  Also works for the symbols above the numbers on your keyboard (SHIFT + 2 = @) Control  Activates a command when pressed with another key (CTRL + C= copy) Backspace  Moves the cursor back one or more spaces while deleting what is behind the cursor Delete  Similar to backspace, but erases what is in front of the cursor

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More Important Keys

Arrow Keys  Used to move the cursor back, forth, up & down Tab  Used to make indentations or move to another line when filling out an on-line form Caps Lock  Sets the all letters to capital letters Number Lock  Turns the number pad on the side of the computer on and off

Telling the Computer What to Do


are a lot like typewriters with some new keys!

Function keys




key Caps Lock Tab Control key

Space bar





keys Number keypad