Crafting the Case Statement - April 2010

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Transcript Crafting the Case Statement - April 2010

Crafting the Case Statement
April 16, 2010
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Workshop Agenda
9:00 a.m.
Welcome & Introductions
Quick refresher- our last session
Understand what is meant by “Case Statement”
Understand how a case statement is used
Review some sample case statements
Practice developing a case statement
De-brief exercise
Developing story banks
Review writing and edit tips
Quick Refresher
• How do we address fundraising during challenging
economic times?
• Where does our funding come from?
• What elements are essential for fundraising success?
The Fundraising Pyramid
Planned Gift
Capital Campaign
Major Gift
Repeat Donor
First-time Donor
Universe of Donors
Fundraising Success
A Compelling Case
Defined Needs
Realistic Goals
Identified Prospects
Volunteer Leadership
Public Relations/ Marketing
Time and Timing
Adequate Staff
The Case Statement
• The nonprofit’s business plan:
all the reasons why someone should support you
• More than just your organization– looks at the greater need
• Becomes the basis for grant proposals and solicitation of donors
• The benefits-oriented explanation of the fund raising campaign.
• From this document, the campaign brochure, campaign prospectus,
video, newsletters and other materials will be created.
Elements of a
The title
Grabbing the reader
The irrefutable case
Your unique position
Waving the flag
Reinforcing the urgency
Making it happen
Closing summary
Case Statement
Anwer these questions
What problem are we trying to address?
What program are we offering to address the problem?
Why is this important?
Who is our market?
What do we need from donors? What are the financial
Why are we uniquely qualified to solve the problem?
Sample Case Statements
for preparing the case statement
Involve key staff, board members, donors, and volunteers.
Have only one writer
Longer isn’t necessarily better
Use simple, brief, understandable language
Be convincing and optimistic
Present a positive image
Base it on the organization’s strengths not needs
Project the future, not the past
Tell the story with pictures and charts, where possible
Make the case from the prospect’s point of interest
Demonstrate the capacity to solve problems that are
important to donors.
 Show the organization’s needs and wants are a good
Someone is going to ask you
• About community “voice” (buy-in, engagement,
• About your collaborative partnerships
• About your sustainability plan
• Why addressing this need is so important
And you need to be ready to ANSWER.
Exercise 1
Select a recorder and a reporter for your group
Select an organization for which you’ll develop the case
Focus on the “The Challenge” portion of the case statement
Outline “The Challenge” being addressed by this nonprofit; what
urgent, irrefutable need is being handled?
What stories, statistics will you try to collect to illustrate your
Creating a Story Bank
The story of your nonprofit
Quotes, testimonials, case studies, photos
Illustrate your mission in action
The people behind the statistics
Provide the emotional hook for why your organization is needed
Creating a Story Bank
Find the ideas
From staff, clients, volunteers, letters
Craft the words
Meet & interview, gain permission, photo
File them
Central repository where you can find them
with contact info, dates, etc
Share the stories-
Media releases, brochures, letters, website
Writing & Editing Tips
Keep it simple; avoid jargon
Avoid intimidating the reader with too verbiage
Illustrate your story- give examples, describe the benefits
Make it interesting; tell a story
Use photos, graphs, bullet points to make your point
Don’t forget branding
Back compelling statements with facts
Be complete without being exhaustive
You are offering “someone” the opportunity to advance
your mission, support your cause, change the world…
… is that message clear?
By the end of reading a good case, a reader should
understand why your organization exists, how it responds
to real community needs, and why it should be sustained
as an organization or allowed to grow.
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