Career Development Priorities Worksheet

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Transcript Career Development Priorities Worksheet

Career Development Priorities Worksheet
Career Direction
Work Values: What do you want from your career? What are your
The career towards which you want to develop:
Work Preferences: What kinds of work (dealing with people,
ideas, data, things) most interests you? What best aligns with your
The knowledge, skills, characteristics and experiences that will best
position you for opportunity:
Exploration: What have you learned about different areas of the
business or your own specialty that may be worth pursuing as a
possible career direction?
Leverage Points
Leadership Assessment: What skills and capabilities do you
The strengths you have that will help you to reach your career goals:
have to lead people and organizations? Which need development?
Technical/Professional Skill Assessment What skills and
capabilities do you have to lead projects and work activities?
The gaps that when closed will enable you to be most successful:
Experience and Education What relevant work and
educational experiences have you had?
Development priorities: