Kristy Wilhite STEM 6 Mathematics Teacher

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Transcript Kristy Wilhite STEM 6 Mathematics Teacher

STEM 6 Teachers
Nathan Swick
STEM 6 Science Teacher
Professional Profile- Thirteen years of successful teaching experience in middle
school science. Incorporates innovative techniques with real world applications
into instruction to peak student interest and enthusiasm. Creates a challenging
and exciting laboratory atmosphere for students to explore the curriculum to its
fullest. Education - Bachelors of Science in Education, Advanced Professional
Certificate Experience – Completed five successful years of STEM 6, 11 years middle
school science, 2 years Summer Space Camp Instructor, Maryland Tech Council STEM Teacher of the Year, Center for Talented Youth Fellow Teacher, Attended Space
Camp for Educators, Zero G Weightless Flight for Educators, Blue Angel VIP Ride,
IT/SEC Teacher of the Year.
Kristy Wilhite
STEM 6 Mathematics Teacher
Professional Profile- Four years of 1 year Algebra; 4 years 7th Grade Math; 3 years 6th
grade Math; 5 years 6th Grade Pre Algebra
Education - Saginaw Valley State University- Bachelor of Arts, with an emphasis in
Math and Social Studies
College of Notre Dame- Masters in Middle School Mathematics
Boise State University- currently working on Master in Educational Technology
Experience – Completed three successful years of STEM 6, Certified Training in Vernier
Probeware and PTC Pro/Desktop Design Program
• Prepared, organized and ready for class
including the daily use of Agenda Book
• Attend class regularly and on time
• Complete and turn in all assigned homework
• Complete and turn in all class assignments
missed when absent
• 3.0 or above grade point average in all core
• 80% or above on all St. Mary’s County
• Benchmark Tests
• Academic honesty - no copied homework or
• Moral Integrity as defined in the Student Code of
1st - Agenda Book Check
2 nd - SharePoint Homework Calendar
3rd - HAC
4 th - Teacher Email
>collaborate on documents, tasks,
contacts, events, and other
>provide places to capture and share
ideas, information, communication, and
>facilitate team participation in
discussions, shared document
collaboration, and surveys.
1. Log onto
2. In the next popup window,
type in your child’s school
ID number followed by
1. Next, type in your child’s
three initials followed by
the last three numbers of
their school ID number.
1. Contact: [email protected]
if you are having trouble
logging on to SharePoint.
• No more than one hour per
subject area
• Appropriate parental support
• Appropriate online resources
• Safe internet usage
• Late work procedures
• HAC track for current grades
• Regular SharePoint user
• Agenda books
• “Blue Without You”
homework make-up
All Field Trips have a direct
connection to STEM objectives
so it is expected that all STEM
students participate in all field
trip experiences.