Lesson 15: God scattered the rebels at the tower of Babel

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Transcript Lesson 15: God scattered the rebels at the tower of Babel

Firm Foundations
Lesson 15:
God Scattered the Rebels
At the Tower of Babel
 Review
 What was the attitude of the people in Noah’s day?
 Who was speaking to people’s minds, urging them
to repent?
 Why did God save Noah?
 What else did Noah do while he was building the
 How did those saved from judgment enter the ark?
 What happened to those who didn’t enter the ark?
 Have you ever wondered?
 Why do people around the world speak so many languages?
God remembered Noah
 Genesis 8:1-4,14-17
 God kept Noah, his
family, and the animals
 God sent wind to dry
up the water; land
 God never changes or
 Where did the ark
Mt. Ararat
God gave His commands
and promises to Noah
 Genesis 9:1-2
 Be fruitful and
 Have dominion over
the earth and its
God gave the rainbow as His
 Genesis 9:12-15
 A sign that God would
never again destroy
the earth by flood
 Psalm 104:6-9
 Thousands of years
have passed since
the flood
 God can be trusted
Next week…
 Read Genesis 11
 What were the
people like back
 What did the people
try to do?
 How did God foil
their plans?
God’s record of the nations
 Genesis 10 – Table
of Nations
 The generations of
the sons of Noah
 We all find our
ancestry here
The people forgot God’s judgment
 Genesis 11:1-4
 Many years have passed since the
 The earth was being quickly
 Most of Noah’s descendants had
forgotten God
 They forgot the flood
 They would not honor God
 Psalm 19:1-3
 They turned away from truth, and
became evil and foolish
 Romans 1:18-32
The people became evil
 Satan was leading them to rebel
 Satan wants people to worship false gods
 Many still worship the planets and
 God is sovereign
 Isaiah 42:8
 They built a tower
 Genesis 11:4
 They rebelled against God’s mandate
 Genesis 1:28
 9:1-2
God saw them
 Genesis 11:5
 The Lord came down
to see them
 Proverbs 15:3
 The eyes of the Lord
are in every place…
 Psalm 139
 The Lord knows every
detail about us
God scattered them
 Ezekiel 18:4
 “All souls are mine…”
¡No puedo
 Can anyone fight against
God and win?
 Genesis 11:6-9
 God caused them to
speak different languages
 They moved away from
each other
Non posso
Ik kan niet u
Je ne peux
pas vous
 The Bible is a history book!
 Do you see any patterns in
this history?
 Rebellion
 God never changes
 God is righteous and holy
 God judges sin
 God is still calling people to
believe in Him