Managing Weight Ch 6 - Bishop Conaty

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Transcript Managing Weight Ch 6 - Bishop Conaty

Weight-Calorie Connection
The Energy Equation –
Lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume
Gain weight if you consume more calories than you burn
1 pound of fat = about 3,500 calories
Eat 500 calories less per day than the amount you need to
lose 1 pound in 1 week. (500 cal/day x 7 days = 3,500
Or burn 500 calories more per day through exercise
Appropriate Weight Range
Influenced by: gender,
age, height, body
frame, growth rate,
metabolic rate, activity
A teen needs more
calories than an adult
because still growing
Body Mass Index (BMI)
page 146
A ratio that allows you
to see your body size
compared to your
height & weight
May be overweight
BMI = weight x 703
height 2
Ex: 140 x 703 / (67 x 67)
= 21
May be underweight
Body Weight vs Body Fat
Heavier than
the standard
weight range
for height
Having an
amount of
body fat
Risks of being Overweight
Cardiovascular disease
Type 2 Diabetes
High Blood Pressure
Def: weighing less than the standard weight
range for height
Is normal if genetic or fast metabolism
Not normal if diets or exercises excessively
If too thin may lead to fatigue & lowered ability to
fight illness
Ways to Manage Weight
Target healthy weight – talk to doctor
Set realistic goals – gaining/losing 1- 1½ pound per
week is safe
Personalize plan – choose foods you would eat &
activities you would do
Write out goals & plan – keep a journal & track
progress and evaluate
Dietary Guidelines Cartoon
Weight-Loss Strategies
In general – eat foods high in nutrients & low in calories
(such as vegetables, fruits, grains) & exercise
Eat 1,700 – 1, 800 calories per day of a balance of the
food groups. No less than 1,400 (talk to a doctor)
MODERATION!!! Eat sweets & “junk food” in small
portions and less often
Drink plenty of water – ditch soda & juices
EXERCISE 60 minutes per day
Weight-Gain Strategies
Increase calorie intake
Eat often & take second helpings
Eat nutritious snacks (such as an apple, celery & peanut
Build muscle – go to the gym & “pump some iron” (lift
Physical Activity
Aerobic exercise (ex: running) –
burns calories helps lose fat
Weight lifting – increases muscle
mass & produces a firm lean body
Muscle burns more calories than fat,
so the more lean muscle you have
the more calories you burn, even at
Fad Diets
Weight-loss plans that are popular
for a short period of time
Ex: Atkins, Zone, 3-day diet,
grapefruit diet, low-fat diet,
cabbage soup diet.
Some fail to provide body with
proper nutrition
Any weight lost is usually
regained (90%)…and then some!
Liquid Diets, Fasting &
Diet Pills
Liquid Diets – replace food with liquid formula,
generally not enough fiber or nutrients
Fasting – no eating. Sometimes for religious
reason, generally ok because for a short period
Diet Pills – avoid cause side effects. One
ingredient called Ephedra has been linked to
heart attacks, strokes, & death.
Eating Disorders
Extreme harmful eating behavior that can cause
serious illness or death
Can be brought on by mental/emotional factors, poor
body image, social & family pressure, or perfectionism
90% are female
Is a serious health problem & those who suffer should
seek professional help
Anorexia Nervosa
A disorder in which the irrational fear of
becoming obese results in severe weight loss
from self-imposed starvation
Psychological disorder
Low caloric intake, obsession with exercise,
emotional problems, obsessed with food,
distorted body image, denial of eating problem
Anorexia Consequences
Slowed metabolism
Stop menstruating
Heart problems &
cardiac arrest
Loss of bone density
Low body
temperature & blood
Requires psychological
Bulimia Nervosa
Disorder in which some form of purging or clearing of
the digestive tract follows cycles of overeating
Fasts or follows strict diet then binges
May vomit or take laxatives
Dehydration, kidney damage, irregular heartbeat, tooth
decay, damages stomach, esophagus & mouth
Binge Eating Disorder
Compulsive overeating.
Consume huge amounts of food at once but
don’t throw-up
Use food to deal with emotions or depression
Seek counseling
Healthy Body, Healthy Image (LiveText-22.52):
Anorexia Story (LiveText- 4.40):