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Fernway School
“Welcome to the Fernway Family”
– One of five K-4 Buildings:
Boulevard, Fernway, Mercer, Lomond, Onaway
– Built in 1927
– 15 Classrooms, 3 per grade level
– Over 350 students
– 37 staff members
The Mission of the Schools
The District will nurture, educate, and graduate
students who are civic-minded
and prepared to make ethical decisions;
who are confident, competent communicators,
skillful in problem solving, capable of creative thinking;
who have a career motivation and a knowledge of our
global and multicultural society.
Our Mission:
Civic-minded, ethical students
• Student Mediation
• Student Group on Race
Relations (SGORR)
makes annual visits to
the 4th grade
• Family Service Projects
Our Mission:
Confident, competent communicators
• Curriculum centered on
effective and varied
• Readers Theater
• Reading groups
• Writers Workshop
• Kindergarten Journaling
• Performances
Our Mission:
Skilled Problem Solvers
• Curriculum-centered
problem solving
• Chess Club
• Enrichment Programs
• International
• Successmaker computer
• Science Lab field trips
Our Mission:
Creative Thinkers
• Curriculum centered on
creative outcomes of
• Music and Art classes
• Art Club
• 3rd grade Musical
• 4th grade Poetry Play
Our Mission:
Career Motivated Students
• Scientist in the
• Parent career visits
and volunteerism
Our Mission:
Global and Multicultural Knowledge
• Mandarin Chinese
taught weekly
• International
mindedness a focus
of IB
The Mission of the International
Baccalaureate Organization (IB)
“The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring,
knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better
and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and
To this end the organization works with schools, governments and
international organizations to develop challenging programmes of
international education and rigorous assessment.
These programmes encourage students across the world to become
active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other
people, with their differences, can also be right."
Who we are
Where we are in place and time
How we express ourselves
How the world works
How we organize ourselves
Sharing the planet
Learner attitudes and attributes
Attribute of the week:
I use my words to
share my thinking and
I listen to my friends.
Some of our essential agreements
Some of our
wonder walls
Featured Country:
The official language of Mali is
French, but most people speak
The word Mali means
hippopotamus in the Bambara
Mali mines and sells a large amount of gold .
The Great Mosque of Djenné was built in
1907 on the foundation of older mosques
going back to the 1200s.
Previous Kindergarten IB planner
Who We Are
New places, New
Central Idea:
People find out more
about themselves and
others by trying new
things and making new
Current Kindergarten IB planner
How We Organize Ourselves
Helpers and Tools
Central Idea:
People use signs and tools to
communicate, organize and
stay safe.
Previous 1st Grade IB planner
Who We Are
Central Idea:
People build
relationships with
families, friends and
within communities.
Current 1st Grade IB planner
Sharing the Planet
Keep Living Things Alive
Central Idea:
Living things survive in
habitats that people can
Previous 2nd grade IB planner
Who We Are
Central Idea:
People make choices in
various settings and
their actions have a
Current 2nd grade IB planner
How We Organize Ourselves
Money Matters
Central Idea:
People use money in ways
that have a powerful impact
on the world.
Previous 3rd Grade IB planner
How We Organize Ourselves
TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More
Central Idea:
Members if communities
collaborate to establish
and implement
organizational systems.
Current 3rd Grade IB planner
Where We Are in Time and Place
Culture Club
Central Idea:
Cultures exhibit both
change and continuity
across time and place.
Previous 4th Grade IB planner
Who We Are
Investigate, Innovate!
Central Idea:
Technology and innovations
impact people’s well-being.
Current 4th Grade IB planner
How We Express Ourselves
Digging for Information
Central Idea:
Artifacts provide evidence
about the events that
happen in history.
Inquiry ~ a driving force to our learning!
changing the
world one action
at a time!
1st Graders
2nd Graders
3rd Graders
4th Graders
Nathan Ballman
Ryan Byrnes
Jenna Englander
Kemora Baker
Kennedy Cole
Charlotte Glasper
Briana Gomez
Elizabeth Halloran
Lauren Hilbert
Jabori Mateen
Martez Sams
Matilda Spadoni
Ramsey Vallot
Jaylah Alexander
Ethan Byrnes
Caroline Danford
Damarion James
Kylan Marshall
Liesel Prude
Iko Umosen
Jayiana Wilson
Owen Bauer
James Boyd
Cody Englander
Timothy Flynt
Katherine Halloran
Ross Halloran
Oliva Kuhel
Amani Redden
Jamia Weakley
Andrea Yasinsky
John Yasinsky
Jihad Arif
William Glasper
Connor Richard
Madison Stovall
October Birthdays
Upcoming and recent fieldtrips!
• 10/11 Third Grade to Hale Farm
• 10/12 Hannah to planetarium
• 10/12 Hayduk to science lab
• 10/15 Battle to planetarium
• 10/18 Zucca to planetarium
• 10/18 Hassell to planetarium
• 10/22 Harden to science lab
• 10/29 Mardell to planetarium
• 10/30 Mohney to planetarium
• 11/8
Brown to planetarium
Fernway Important Dates!
Tour Your School Day 9:30am-noon, 1:00-2:30pm
Fernway PTO Meeting 7:00pm
Fernway Fall Festival 1:00pm
Book Pad 11:40-1:40
& 10/26 Conference Day – No Classes
Halloween Activities 2:30pm
Turn clocks back!
• 11/6 Election Day. No school for students & teachers
• 11/11 Veteran’s Day
Shaker Library Salutes Fernway School’s
Summer Readers
Thomas Barrett
Joe Berglund
Simon Bruening-Wright
Ryan Byrnes
Jenna Englander
Ava Gazso
Julianna Gentile
Chloe Khayat
Levi Plumb-Larrick
Lilah Raddock
Sophia Zucca
Shaker Library Salutes Fernway School’s
Summer Readers
First Grade
William Berglund
Joseph Brancato
Quinn Bruening-Wright
Andrew Burleigh
Annie Call
Esme Carrol
Annabel Dixon
Dominic Harrison
Samantha Jalics
Hudson Jones
Samuel Juli
Jack Lamb
Mira Martin
Alec Miller
Cathering Monroe
Lillian Potiker
Noah Rusnak
Matilda Spadoni
Shaker Library Salutes Fernway School’s
Summer Readers
Second Grade
Patrick Barrett
Marcus Bertsch
Eva Bishop
Josh Brown
Ethan Byrnes
Sophia Cook
Emily Daley
Samuel Dillenbeck
Claire Dunn
Brian Fox
Praise Hannett
Aiden Hartzler
George McGuinness
Wrenna Pai
Liesel Prude
Sophia Rose
Shaker Library Salutes Fernway School’s
Summer Readers
Third Grade
Lisson Aklog
Colin Burleigh
Thomas Dunn
Cody Englander
Millie Fredricks
Emma Khayat
Nora Konrad
Evelyn Lewicki
Anthony Luo
Maya Miller
Carter Morris
Logan Morris
Dash Pai
Katherine Rusnak
Samantha Sekeres
Andrea Yasinsky
John Yasinsky
Shaker Library Salutes Fernway School’s
Summer Readers
Fourth Grade
Will Barrett
Matthew Boardman
Caroline Brancato
David Carpenter
Maximillian Carroll
Cooper Cook
Cameron Dial
Anna Dillenbeck
Kate Hahnenberg
Miracle Irvin
Campbell Johnston
Logan Jones
James Kennedy
Matthew Kirchner
Sam Klein
Colin Lamb
Leo McGuinness
Nicole Nicholas
Hannah Perrson
Zoe Rosenfelt
Saturday, October 13th
1:00-4:00 p.m.
Don’t Miss the Fall Festival!
Join your classmates for Fernway’s biggest fundraising event! Carnival games,
crafts, the silent auction, and the Bug Man. It’s fun for the whole family!
Contributions to the bake sale and cakewalk can be dropped off
at Fernway the afternoon before or the morning of the Festival.
PTO News!
ABC School Donation Program
Support Fernway School While You Shop!
Sign up for a Heinen’s Preferred Customer Card and register for
the Tasteful Rewards program.
Select (or reselect) FERNWAY as the school of choice at
Heinen’s will make a donation of 1% of your purchase to PTO.
PTO News!
Show Your Fernway Spirit!
Fernway car magnets now available!
Want another way to show your Fernway pride?
Fernway car magnets are now available for $2.
The magnets will be available for purchase at PTO
events, along with your favorite Fernway spirit wear.