Make the Most of LinkedIn New Tips for 2012 -

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Transcript Make the Most of LinkedIn New Tips for 2012 -

Make the Most of LinkedIn
New Tips for 2012
Is LinkedIn Still Relevant?
• More than 100 million professionals worldwide
on LinkedIn, with executives from every Fortune
500 company
• The average member is a college-educated
male between 25 and 54 years old. Over 40% of
members are manager level and above; more
than 25% are senior executives.
• 4,000+ healthcare recruiters on LinkedIn
How are Professionals Using It?
• Top level executives
• industry networking (22%)
• promoting their businesses (20%)
• Middle management professionals
• keep in touch with other people (24%)
• industry networking (20%)
• Entry level employees
• job searches (24%)
• co-worker networking (23%)
So What Can I Do On It?
• Broaden your network
• Create a brand for yourself
• Make valuable connections to excel in
your current job
• Help you take the next step in your career
How Do I Maximize My Time?
• Develop a full, robust profile that meets
your current needs
• Create a valuable network
• Engage in the right groups
• Use shortcuts to manage your time
Maximize Your Profile
• Fill out your profile completely (including a
• Reorder your profile so the most important
details show first
• Take your recommendations seriously
• Set up a unique URL and go public
Maximize Your Profile (Cont.)
Before, your LinkedIn profile served as your
online resume. Now, it serves as your
online professional persona
• Think before you include every job you’ve
had – will this get me to where I want to
• Think like a search engine. LinkedIn is
based on algorithms. Flood your profile
with what gets you to the top of the search
Maximize Your Network
LinkedIn is NOT about the NUMBER of
connections you have, but the VALUE of
those connections.
• Can someone with 1,000+ connections
confidently reach out to all of them?
• Build a strong core group (start with
current and former colleagues) and
develop those relationships
Maximize Your Engagement
Groups are a GREAT resource – but they
need to be the right groups
• Associations and industry groups
• Alumni groups from your alma maters
(bonus if they’re specific to your field)
• Above all, seek recognized, moderated
groups. Members have been prescreened. Content is more valuable.
Maximize Your Time
• LinkedIn introduces a lot of new tools –
many of which do not provide lasting
value. Stick to the basics
• Work your email settings to your
• Use an account aggregator like
TweetDeck or Hootsuite to check your
main social accounts at the same time
(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
Maximize Your Money
I have yet to see a for-fee membership
category that’s worth the money
• You get out of it what you put into it
• Yes, it’s all online, but the basic networking
rules still apply
Join ACHE’s Official Group on LinkedIn
• More than 9,000 healthcare management
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