LARC Read Code Project - London Sexual Health Programme

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Transcript LARC Read Code Project - London Sexual Health Programme

LARC Read code project

Alison de Metz Public Health Improvement Lead NHS London


• • • Initiated by GP champions, led by Sarah Williams (NE London) Read codes agreed for London 2011 summer Template development by Queen Mary’s Clinical Effectiveness Group (CEG) autumn 2011

Where are we now and what next?

• • Templates created and tested for EMIS Web, LV, Vision and PCS.

Need volunteers to pilot templates for • •

TPP and Synergy

Installation instructions, technical guidance and FAQs will be available; managed telephone support from CEG Need to identify support for local implementation

Please pick codes from within the list above. You do not need to use every code e.g. if locally you do not distinguish between routine and emergency IUD fittings then you could use 6151 ‘IUD fitted’ for both. However please avoid using any codes that are not on the list above for fitting, removal or checking of LARC methods, including avoiding using similar terms eg ‘iud refitted’ (6153). network.html

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