ASL Flight Testing Observations

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Transcript ASL Flight Testing Observations

ASL Flight Testing Observations

CAA Instructor Seminars – August 2013 Graham Leach, Pete Dixon, Brendon Bourne, Gordon Alexander

Scope of Presentation

• • • • • • Theme – Teaching the basics well Introduction Key areas of a CPL flight test Summary Discussion forum and questions Conclusion







Aspeq/ASL Aviation Services Limited Delegated examining service Not deemed CAA core business Established 1992 Lower Hutt based but nationwide Theory exams and flight testing

Aspeq’s Role

 Provide impartial and independent assessment of candidates knowledge and skills  Test against NZ CAA mandated syllabi  Assist FTOs to prepare trainees for flying training  Participate in “NZ Inc. ” to gain international business.


Video clip

Origins of incident?

 

Pressure to perform/deliver?

Common denominators for training?

Inadequate preparation for flight test groundwork

Modern environment – differences to past?

Let’s break down the test phases

Flight Test Profile • Preparation for flight – met, fuel, flight profile planning, personal documentation • Ground handling/taxiing • Upper air general handling – stalling, turning, slow flight, PFLs • Other Emergencies • Circuits • Airmanship/HF • RTF procedures/use of airspace • Post flight procedures

Commonly observed points

• • • • Pre flight inspection. A/C technical knowledge...

Situational awareness / looking and listening Judgement / decision making. Approach speeds, aim point, crosswind etc.

Overall common sense. Flying to conditions


Summary ASL provides independent flight examining services to the aviation training industry as well as being the provider of theory examinations for both pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers.

Our role is to provide a uniform standard of testing to satisfy our delegated responsibility from the Director of CAA.

The standards are high so that our environment can be as safe and professional as possible.

Instruct professionally Maintain high standards Seek guidance when unsure Enjoy your flying!

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