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University of Limerick
University of Limerick
Mobile & Marine Robotics Research Centre
Mobile & Marine Robotics
Dr Daniel Toal [email protected] +353 61 202264
Gerard Dooly [email protected] +353 61 203386
Mobile & Marine Robotics Research Centre
University of Limerick, Ireland.
BES 3 – 2014: Maritime Border Security topic 3: Light optionally piloted vehicles (and sensors)
for maritime surveillance.
BES 1 – 2014 Maritime Border Security topic 1: Radar systems for the surveillance of coastal
and pre frontier areas and in support of SAR ops.
DSR 9 2014-2015: Disaster Resilience and Climate Change topic 1: Science and innovation for
adaptation to climate change. … demo of options and practices.
We have active research in:
Underwater vehicles, ROVs and AUVs
UAVs, RPAS, Auto parafoils & Helikites
Long endurance unmanned vehicles
Use of robots in marine incident response
Precision navigation and advanced control solutions
Imaging sonar and camera systems
Real-time high band-width comms, off shore – on shore control: with
satellite (Ku, Ka band) or Parafoils for extended radio horizon
• Remote Presence (monitoring, control and intervention)
• Smart event triggered sensor platforms (moorings, landers and data
buoys) longer endurance systems
• Moored ocean observatories as lower cost option to cables observatories.
Our idea is to :
• Design and develop sub-systems for remotely piloted automatic
landing and take-off maritime aircraft
• This aircraft is long endurance with advanced flight planner,
estimation and control module
• To increase the situational awareness of the remote pilot a Pilot
Assisting Augmented Reality System (PAARS) will be designed and
• The PAARS augmented display with virtual vision will be designed to
assist the pilot in flight mode and with landing until visual contact via
the RPAS high bandwidth video link is made. This system will
facilitate pilot landing and take-off from remote locations such a ship
underway in conditions of poor visibility
Shannon Oil & HNS Spill Response
Exercise - April 2013