English Phonetics and Phonology

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Karel Tahal
The theoretical course comprises following topics:
-place of phonetics and phonology among other linguistic disciplines
-segmentation of the continual speech sound stream: phone, phoneme, allophone
-phoneme as the basic unit of phonology – various viewpoints
-transcription: phonetic, phonemic, RP, IPA
-organs of speech
-consonants; place and manner of articulation, voicing/tension; English system
-vowels in general (vocalic triangle, CVS); system of English vowels and diphthongs
(in comparison with Czech)
-coarticulation changes
-structure of syllable; strong and weak syllables
-stress and rhythm (stress timing vs. syllable timing principles)
-tone units, intonation and its functions
-subfonematic phonology: distinctive features, oppositions, markedness
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