Revitalising the Sabbath School PowerPoint

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Transcript Revitalising the Sabbath School PowerPoint

There is a decline in Sabbath School attendance
in many places.
It was discovered that nearly 20% of those who
have been Adventists from four to ten years never
study their Sabbath School lesson.
The comparison between church enrollment and
Sabbath school attendance shows a large number
of missing members.
The majority of Sabbath School teachers have
never had any training.
Recent findings show that Sabbath
School attendance has dropped from
80% of church membership to 40% of
church membership in the past 30
Although the condition of every
church may differ, it is a real
challenge to bring attendance as high
as church membership.
TR 1-2
Bible Study
Community Outreach
World Mission
TR 1-4
To Win
To Hold
To Train
TR 1-5
“The Sabbath
school, if rightly
conducted, is one
of God’s great
instrumentalities to
bring souls to a
knowledge of the
truth.” (Counsels
on Sabbath School
Work, p. 115)
TR 1-7
“Our Sabbath schools are not
what the Lord would have them
to be, for there is altogether too
much dependence placed upon
form and machinery, while the
life-giving power of God is not
manifested for the conversion
of souls, for whom Christ died.
This order of things must be
changed if our Sabbath schools
meet the purpose for which they
(CSW, p.
TR 1-8
Give 1 hour
Sharing time
Experiential study
This will help build relationships
Being real
Sharing struggles
Pray for one another’s concerns
 Pray on the spot
 Sentence prayers
List requests
 Tick when answered
 Thank God
Use Bible rather than lesson book
No need to cover whole lesson!
Bring out key points
Practical rather than theoretical
The Meaning:
What does this text mean to you?
Learning from Experience: Share an
experience where this text was fulfilled
or was significant in your life.
Application to Life: Think of what might
possibly happen to you this week. How
can you apply this text to your life this
week? How can you use this text in
reaching out and sharing with someone
this week?
To guide discussion rather than teach
A Shepherd
Get together socially
Plan outreach projects together
Use Bible primarily
Explain purpose of Sabbath school
Avoid SDA jargon
Show love and care – but don’t go overboard!
Encourage visitors to share
Don’t criticise differing beliefs
Discovering Christianity
Debt Management
Stress Management
Controlling Anger
“The secret of excellence in
teaching is in association
and fellowship with the
great Teacher. We too can
commune with the Master
Teacher and learn to “teach
as Jesus taught.” “If they
labored in connection with
Him,--His divine power
combining with their human
effort,--they could not fail of
success.” (Desire of Ages,
p. 811)
TR 6-29