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DFG Workshop 22/3/11
Objectives of the day
Who’s been involved
Audit and Assurance
The role of the steering group
Who’s in the project team
How to slash your costs and
still have your service sizzle
The country’s in trouble
• We have to save 83 billion
• And cut 480,000 jobs
• If only they told us how
Simple idea saves the public sector
Only do the work that
creates value for customers
How to cut costs and
have sizzling service
• Capacity = Work – Waste
• Opportunity cost doesn’t really count
Slashing costs and sizzling service by
• Removing wasteful activity
• How it works in repairs
Referral sent from CSC to
practice supervisor who
sorts into highest risk and
allocates to an OT
Make contact with the
customer and arrange the
home visit
Carry out assessment
20% of the time OT has to
explain to customer that
wrong info given
Make referrals to HIA and
to the grants officer
Joint visits very rarely
done, so no means testing
or sketches done at this
point in the process
Letter received by grants
60% of time insufficient
detail in the letter
10% of time letter
recommends something that
doesn’t fit the criteria
Send out and receive
forms for preliminary
means test
At this stage 1/3 to ½ drop
out. Of remaining 50%
means tested customers
should have gone through
passported benefits
Form is processed to
calculate customers
contribution, then contact
customer with decision
and go to inspect.
Produce work schedule and
covering letter to client for
formal means test.
90% of time there are errors
when pack is received and
50% of time quotes wrong.
Analyse quotes, calculate
the level of the grant, get
approval notice and
covering letter, send forms
back with invoice, do
How to start saving
1. Better service starts by
getting knowledge of how
the system works today
How to start saving
2. Next set your purpose
from the customer’s
How to start saving
3. Get the true picture of
how it works today
How to start saving
4. Get out and look at
the work
How to start saving
5. Act on the system
The New System
What does the new system look like-four simple steps
Referral to ASC
Joint Visit OT
and Case
undertaken and
Joint visit
technical officer
and contractor
Insert photo of throughput board
and VMB
Main changes
All new referrals fed into the team (one point)
Redesign the scripting of the CSC
Financial eligibility assessed prior to the OT visit
Joint visit with OT and Caseworker if necessary
Contractor allocated to customer at first visit
Appointment made for tech officer and contractor at first
• Joint visit with tech officer and contractor to agree
specification and price
• Single design specification across the districts
• Schedule of rates and approved contractor list
• Old system time to do a adaptation – In excess of one
• New system – 45 days
• Happier customers
• Happy staff
• Happy contractors
Redesign Poin
DFG Workshop
Breakout Sessions
Final Business Plan Timeline
Business plan at end of March
Chief Executives April
Run pilot till end of May and review
Run as team for one year and during the year…
Roll in other grants and additional council stock
• Establish and approved contractors list
• Work to open book
• Work towards single Lincolnshire delivery model
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