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Transcript Presentation slides for promoting Staying Safe

What is it?

• Staying Safe – is a classroom-based refresher workshop for senior road users.

• The workshop targets people 70+ years of age.

• The workshop aims to maintain and improve safe driving practices, increase knowledge of road code changes and outline transport options available to help senior road users remain mobile.

Why should I attend a workshop?

Senior road users are more fragile – if injured in a car crash, the expected hospital stay is twice that of a younger person and they are 3.5 times more likely to suffer serious injuries.

Average number of days' stay by age of road user hospitalised (2008)

14 12 10 4 2 8 6 0 Un de r 5 5 to 9 10 to 1 4 15 to 1 9 20 to 2 4 25 to 2 9 30 to 3 4 35 to 3 9 40 to 4 4 45 to 4 9 50 to 5 4 55 to 5 9 60 to 6 4 65 to 6 9 70 to 7 4 75 to 7 80 9 an d ov er

Age group (years)

Source: Motor vehicle crashes in New Zealand. Wellington: Ministry of Transport, 2008

Why should I attend a workshop?

Senior drivers need to manage the effects of ageing:    deteriorating eyesight and hearing slower reaction and action times for some, the side-effects of medication Statistics show that common older driver crash situations include:  side–impact crashes at intersections    fatigue-related crashes driver error, eg foot on accelerator instead of brake most driving fatalities among older adults occur in the daytime

What will Staying Safe involve?

Add your own details on what you will cover in your workshops here – the learning modules below may help.

Road safety learning modules on:  Keeping safe Thinking about your safety   Being safe Driving skills Safe journeys Managing road situations  Keep moving safely Alternatives to driving

Other information

A dedicated online section for senior road users with interactive activities and information to help you improve your own safety available from If you want to learn more about how to safely manage particular road situations, you can contact a local driving instructor for a practical coaching session suitable for senior drivers.

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