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Mātauranga Māori
A question of faith
What does Mātauranga Māori mean to you and
what is its place in Māori tertiary education?
Ko te whakamāramatanga o ngā tikanga tuku iho
e puta ai te titiro a te Māori ki tōna ao
The explanation of Māori behaviour from which a
Māori worldview can be derived.
Ko te mātauranga tuku iho o ō tātou tūpuna me te
mātauranga hou i waihangatia e te hinengaro Māori o
nāianei i whakatupuria i te tauira tawhito hei whakaahua i te
whakaaro Māori.
Te Wānanga o Raukawa takes the view that mātauranga
Māori includes knowledge based on our worldview handed
down from our tūpuna AND knowledge created by the
contemporary Māori mind, grown from the traditional, that
gives expression to Māori thought.
How do you practice it and what does it look
like in your role / institution? What is the role
of Mātauranga Māori in achieving better
outcomes for Māori in tertiary education?
Finally, what is the ideal, and how do we get
there? How do we ensure that Mātauranga
Māori remains dynamic and meets the
challenges of contemporary Māori society?
It is a matter of faith, of belief in ourselves
and our mātauranga.
New Mexico – WIPCE – Hopi Indian worldview delivered
with passion and conviction
Te Aurere - kia haere te atua ki te whakaū i tāu e hiahia
When Bruce Biggs in the 1970s said the language was
doomed, he was asked how the language might be
revived. 5 generations programme
The Ultimate Belief Statement:
E kore au e ngaro; he kākano i ruia mai i
Rangiātea – belief that I will never be lost.
This is why TWOR believes that this multimillion dollar institution can be managed and
operated according to tikanga/mātauranga
TWOR BELIEVES in the Kia Māori 2040
prescription, that we will be thinking,
speaking, behaving as Māori with fluency and
fluidity and the prospects of our survival as a
people will be enhanced beyond the threat of
Teaching te reo Māori and mātauranga Māori
fundamentally requires that the deliverer
BELIEVES in what is being taught. She or he
demonstrates that belief through their
enthusiasm and lifestyle.
When we say Ranginui, Papatuānuku me ā
rāua tamariki – do we believe in this as our
children in Kōhanga believe?
I was encouraged by some of what I heard yesterday:
We must not discard our knowledge, but rather have faith in it
Our connection to our reo should be like our connections to our maunga
and awa
We need to believe in our reo and in our mātauranga
Make your research and your teaching your heart
The best teachers of te reo Māori are those that understand and live the
So, if we want to be exponents of mātauranga
Māori, if we want to be champions for our
reo, if we want to survive as a distinct culture
and people forever ......
mātauranga Māori and its power
to inform us today in all of
our endeavours
May the ancient homeland of your
forebears, Hawaiki, glimmer on in your
mind’s eye for all eternity.